Yoga & natural remedies for Bronchitis, Cough & Cold

“Yoga & natural remedies to prevent or cure Bronchitis, Cough & Cold” – Asanas, Pranayama & helpful tips

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  1. Loved the explanations and demonstrations. Nice, clear and slow. Much better than most youtube yoga videos :)

  2. Dear Vimal, 24 hours ago after many hours of garden work with plants I had a severe polen allergen fueled asthma/bronchospasm attack, this was first time in my life, ended up at the local hospital they pumped me with steroid injections..which only gave relief for few hours, i struggled with the steroids side effects all day today then I found your video and at 12 midnight immediately practiced the full round for 30 minutes, coughed some phlegm out throughout and it was very tense to let breath out with a lot of force… but immediately after completing the session, I took my first breath today without wheezing and chest tightness 🙂  I only wish that I searched for your video first last nite, before going to hospital. I wanted to say Thank you to you from my heart for this very beneficial video and I hope to see many more health restoration yoga instructions, Namaste, love and peace, Gunesh.

  3. Hello Vimal Namaskar!!!

    I have been suffering from cough with chest tightness and mucus ..I took several cough syrups but of temporary of my Indian family doctor suggested antibiotics as he concluded it as bronchitis .I also have hyper thyroid so I vexed with too much of medication for long terms and stopped taking pills suggested for bronchitis..

    Could you please suggest any asanas and pranayama to get ride of it using natural methods and to improve my immune system.
    (I will be returning to India after 3 months.)

    Thanks in advance..

  4. So glad I found this video, thank you Vimal! After a restless night due to constricted breathing I have turned to your video for help. Almost instantly after my first round of these positions my breathing has greatly increased! My lungs feel much less constricted and I am enjoying some comfortable breathing! Thank you so much, blessings, Sabrina!

  5. After months of a bad cold which turned into chest congestion and a constant cough.   I did one night of this (along with grapefruit juice) and my cough subsided….Amazing.

  6. Hi Vimal,
    Thank you for the video, it's great. I have a question I was hoping you could answer – I noticed that when I am in simhasana there is a really sharp pain in the back my left knee (or where my leg bends).. Is there a modification I should do or maybe just stretch out more first?
    Thank you! April

  7. Hi Vimal,
    I have a question. Due to chronic cough for almost a month, I have developed chest pain. My chest hurts while I cough,laugh and sneeze. Should I practice these asanas? Or, can the pain aggravate due to the asanas. Kindly advise.

  8. Much gratitude Vimal. Very helpful postures and breath work. Clear instruction and illustration of correct alignment. I appreciate your sharing!

  9. The last time I was sick this totally cured me. It was actually miraculous how much quicker I got better adding this to my routine. Feeling under the weather again, I'm back. Thank you sir!

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