Will Fioricet Make Your Head Hurt Worse?

Doctors prescribefioricet for migraines and  many other ailments that cause pain.Let’s break Fioricet down to what you are, or will be taking for your headache.

First,  fioricet has three ingredients. Fioricet contains  an analgesic prescribed for people that don’t, or can’t take aspirin. Next it contains butalbital, which is a sedative, and the last of the ingredients is caffeine. Caffeine is a nerve stimulate, and if taken in this pill can help with a headache. (using to much caffeine can also cause migraines) Fioricet is prescribed for mild to moderate headaches, but some doctors give fioricet for migraine also.

Do you know that you can start having chronic rebound headaches by taking to much of this drug, although it works well for moderate pain of headaches? Fioricet contains a barbiturate, and it can become habit forming. The usual dosage of fioricet is one tablet when you first notice any symptoms of your migraines. One or two tablets or capsules every four hours, not to exceed six doses a day. Each dose contains 40mg caffeine, 325mg acetaminophen, and 50mg of butalbital.

Fioricet for migraines side effects:

They are nausea, vomiting, cold and clammy skin, lowered heart rate or blood pressure, difficulties breathing, nervous to the point of stupor or coma, sweating, facial flushing, dizziness, and ringing in your ears. Be careful  when you take fioricet, and drive,  because it can also cause  drowsiness.

Is fioricet for migraines safe during pregnancy?

Fioricet should not be taken during pregnancy because it’s been associated with birth defects, prolonged labor, and even delayed delivery.  Fioricet passes into breast milk, causing babies to be tired, short of breath, and have a slow heart rate.

Fioricet for migraines does help headaches, and migraines that are not severe. But for throbbing migraines you will find more migraine relief with the triptans.

Here’s one fioricet for migraine review.

The literature describing randomized double blind studies of effectiveness of both fiorinal and fioricet is very limited. In a study, fioricet was statistically more effective compared to placebo.

Our conclusions are that while fioricet for migraine treatment works well for many, don’t end up with a dependency on this medicine. If your headaches or migraines start to bother you more while taking this medicine, give thought as to how often you take fioricet.

All the best for your migraine

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