Whole Body Inflammation And What You Can Do To Get Rid Of It!

Insidious– whole body inflammation can produce muscle, joint pain and a host of other symptoms. It has been implicated with:

rheumatoid arthritis
inflammatory bowel disease
Parkinson’s Disease
Even depression!

It is believed to be the root cause of the big 3 major diseases.
Heart Disease,

The inflammation process has evolved over thousands of years to protect us from the denizens of the microscopic world — bacteria and parasites. But when this system fails to turn off it continues pumping inflammation into the body.

Inflammation is looking for a fight and if it can’t find invaders to deal with it can begin to attack normal health cells. This sure seems to point directly at the issues mentioned previously.

As mom told us so often “Too much of anything is not good”.

When this happens ongoing continuous inflammation it becomes an issue. The disorders and diseases mentioned above can take root.

Even thought the inflammation issue seems actually to be quite common it can also become quite serious and should be dealt with.

The drug companies have a plethora of available drugs for reducing inflammation, but in most cases hard drugs have unwanted and even dangerous side effects. Quite often they fail alleviate all of the inflammation.

“Let food be your medicine”. Ascribed to Hippocrates thousands of years ago. And with a few thousand years experience and a 100 years of drug therapy to compare it to. We are beginning to understand just how right Hippocrates was.

For decades medicine has noticed a lower incident of rheumatoid arthritis in areas (sea ports) where people tend to consume more fish. For years we have heard about the virtues of fish oil. I won’t soon forget my daily tablespoon of cod liver oil as a child!

We would all be much better off if we took less drugs and obtained effective results from natural foods.

You can reduce whole body inflammation. A daily regiment of high quality fish (Omega 3) capsules and you will soon notice improvement in the way you feel, the way you sleep, your energy levels.

Because Omega 3 fish oil is clinically proven to work and reduce whole body inflammation. Sales of it are through the roof – world wide. This means a lot of manufactures have jumped on the bandwagon to produce Omega 3 fish oil capsules.

As in all things the quality of the fish supplements varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This mean you must do a bit of your own research to find the very best for you.

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