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11 Replies to “What is chronic bronchitis? | Respiratory system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy”

  1. Just needed to point out that the root "bronch" in bronchitis actually stems from the latin word "bronchos" referring to the windpipe (clearly associated with the bronchi, not the lungs). It is correct to say that there is an overproduction of mucous, though this happens more proximal than the lungs themselves. Finally, even though it wasn't really touched upon, emphysema is a condition where the alveoli in the lungs are damaged, eventually rupture and begin to lose surface area therefore impairing gas exchange. This is important to note as in the video it is stated that the structure of the walls of the airway are changed which isn't really emphysema. Overall though good overview, thanks for the video.

  2. I was recently diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, I'm 31 years old and only smoked cigarettes for 5 years. Out of nowhere one night I became so short of breath that I went to the ER. It's baffling that I developed this after only 5 years of being a 1/2 pack a day smoker. I've quit smoking and have noticed relief from the shortness of breath symptoms in about a week. I still have the "smokers cough" but am not coughing up phlegm anymore. Also, do you know of any studies that show the effects of smoking cannabis and a relation to chronic bronchitis? All of the info I have found online has been conflicting.

  3. I have chronic bronchitis but my stupid family don't believe me….. I try to tell them this BUT THEY DONT BELIVE MEH I HAVE BEEN HAVING THIS FOR LIKE 3-4 YEARS NOW AND ITS STARTING TO HURT!!!!! I feel like if I don't get this treated so somthing bad might happen to me….. HELP

  4. Chronic Bronchitis : It defined as a persistent productive cough with sputum for at least 3 MONTHS in at least 2 CONSECUTIVE years in ABSENCE OF ANY IDENTIFIABLE cause.

  5. I have chronic Bronchi, scared to go the doctors… I am a heavy smoker.. I never get any illness though, this is why I never goto the docs… I was diagnosed with asthma in teens… so I get ventolin inhaler that I take everyday mostlt in the morn and night.. I am 36… I know I have to goto the docs ><

  6. I dont know if i get it. A about 2 weeks ago I got sick and got acute bronchitis. The sickness was gone, my voice is back to normal and no more sore throat. But even so, i still get dry cough everyday at random time. sometimes i want to throw up when I cough. I am not a smoke…maybe a seconds hand smoker occasionally.

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