Ways to Boost Male Fertility

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If you are having trouble impregnating your woman, it is quite possible that your sperm count is lower than normal. Low sperm count is one of the most basic causes of male infertility.

Ways to Boost Male Fertility

In order to increase your fertility, you will have to try and boost your sperm count. Here are a few lifestyle changes that can prove extremely effective in doing so:

1. ZINC is the magic word – The old adage "you are what you eat" holds true in this case as well. Your diet has a deep impact on all your body secretions including semen. Foods that are rich in zinc are particularly good for increasing your sperm count.

Recently, The Sun, married a report about a man who fethed a kid at the age of 74 and the main reasons cited behind was fertility was his love for bananas which are a rich source of zinc.

Other great sources include oysters, red meat, nuts and beans, fish like salmons etc.,

2. Keep Your Recommendations Cool- Tight underpants can heat up your testicles and lower your sperm count. Not only this, hot baths, sauna baths can also produce the same effect. If you are really trying to give your fertility a boost, stop wearing tight underpants and taking sauna or hot baths. Enjoy a cool shower instead!

3. Learn to Say No to Cigarettes- Smoking is a big health hazard and it is an even bigger hazard when it comes to your sexual and reproductive healths. Cigarettes contain a whole lot of toxins and harmful chemicals that can affect your sperm count and lead to infertility.

4. Workout Regularly- "Healthy body, healthy sex" – if your overall health is in a good condition your are more likely to be sexually potent and virile. Exercise not only ensures better overall health but also ensures proper blood circulation to the testes. Beside, it also helps boost testosterone which is good for sperm production.

5. HERBAL SEMEN PILLS- Such pills can be a great aid in increasing your sperm count and semen volume. There are many semen enhancers but the best one contains at least 150mg of zinc asparate and zinc gluconate in every serving to ensure a big boost to your fertility.

Such semen pills also contain a wide range of herbs and amino acids and not only increase semen volume but also ensure rock solid and longer lasting erections.

Top notch supplements are absolutely safe and free of side effects.

So, If You Want to Boost Your Fertility, Check out the Best Semen Pills that have beat all competition and have set a new standard in semen enhancement.

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