Uinta County Man Arrested in Casper on Methamphetamine Charges

Clint Peterson, Courtesy of the Casper Police Dept.

The Casper Police Department has arrested a Uinta County man on recommended methamphetamine possession charges.

According to police records, officers responded to approximately the 300 block of East E Streets, after receiving a report of suspicious activity. Officers arrived just after 1:00 am and say they observed a man in a white Ford Ranger, parked outside of a closed restaurant.

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Casper Police say that they made contact with the suspect, later identified as 28-year-old Clint Peterson of Bear River, Wyoming. Police describe Peterson as acting confused during his interaction with law enforcement.

Officers say that Peterson told them that he was tired, and had been watching the property for someone named John. Peterson is also said to have told officers that he had recently been fired from his job.

Investigators say that Peterson had a difficult time providing a detailed account of his evening. While Peterson was digging for identification in the vehicle, a hat on the passenger seat was disturbed and officers were then able to see a syringe, in plain view, on the passenger seat.

Officers say that Peterson had been acting suspicious, so they asked him to step out of the vehicle. An arrest affidavit says that when Peterson stepped to the side of the door, officers were able to observe a glass pipe containing suspected methamphetamine residue, on the front seat of the vehicle.

A subsequent search of the vehicle and of Petersons person was described as yielding a total of three syringes, a glass pipe, a small plastic baggy containing suspected crystalline methamphetamine, and a large baggy containing suspected crystalline methamphetamine.

Officers reported that the total weight of methamphetamine found was approximately 14.09 grams.

The arrest affidavit notes that Peterson had a total of four drug-related convictions out of Third District Court in Evanston and Uinta County Circuit Court.

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