Tips to Get Rid of Headache

Headaches are common pains that anyone can suffer. They can be caused by many factors such as stress, working for extended hours in front of the computer to injury and migraines which may be triggered by allergies such as food. Whatever the cause may be, the fact remains that having a headache is very uncomfortable and may keep you from performing to your full potentials. One need not suffer so much because of it, especially if the problem is constant and may keep you from being productive.

Feel the top ridge of your eyesocket under the eyebrow. You will discover a small groove in your skull about the center of the top of the eyesocket. In this groove is a nerve which is very sensitive to pressure. If you compress this nerve, it will be very painful. However, the pain will stimulate the pituitary to release endorphins immediately. The endorphins are the body’s own natural painkillers and are more powerful than morphine.

Treatment of a vascular headache, or migraine, involves extended observation and documentation by a physician or migraine specialist. The sources of migraine headaches and the proper treatment of them is a problem western medicine still hasn’t made much progress in finding a solution to. In light of the medical community’s lack of answers, many have turned to herbal and natural headache remedies.

Two problems that trouble many headache sufferers are depression and sleep disorders which are also serotonin related. Frequently, when people diagnosed with depression begin treatment with medications called selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI’s), the frequency and severity of their headaches disappear.

Applying pressure to certain points on your body can help stop headache pain by releasing muscle tension and relieving stress and anxiety. Try this simple technique: Place your right index fingertip on the hollow at the right side of the base of your skull, then place your left index one finger-width above your eyebrow, lined up with your pupil.
Apply a gentle but firm pressure for two minutes, breathing deeply the whole time. You want to make sure you’re as relaxed as possible, so it might help to prop your elbows up on pillows to prevent your arms from getting tired.

Check your posture

If you have poor posture while you are working you could have what are called ‘tension headaches.’ Being in the same positions for long periods of time can cause muscles to tighten up and become tense. Take short breaks and stretch your muscles. Stretching and relaxing can help to stop many headaches.

Most people find that their headaches respond best to a cold compress, but you can use a warm or hot compress — or alternate the two — for the result that works best. You can also place a second compress at the back of the neck. When you do not have time for compresses, dab a small drop of lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint oil on each temple.

Aromatherapy. Inhaling a disgusting aroma (do you know how a fresh cow cake smells?) you’ll feel sick and your headache will turn into nausea. Inhaling a pleasant aroma (fresh-out-of-the-can bread or your wife’s perfume), your attention will switch from petting your headache to thoughts about eating or bedroom duties. Ache will go anyway.

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