Throwing a punch at Parkinson’s disease

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I heard this once “There is hope after despair and many suns after darkness”. As sometimes we forget that there is always hope at the end of our suffering. But ‘suffering’ could be a very small word to describe Parkinson’s disease; a disease which has affected many millions around the world. Many of us know how Muhammad Ali who had won so many victories and honors was also diagnosed with this incurable disease; Parkinson’s. But he never let this disease overpower his life. It is said that boxing could or could not be a main reason for this disease because in boxing boxers hit each other’s head that cause the brain tissues to get damage. But there is no one knows what causes Parkinson’s. But again Famous Mayo Clinic says, “The individual who has suffered head injury are four times more likely to develop PD than those who have never suffered head trauma.”
But who would have thought boxing could be an inspiration for many people with Parkinson’s disease. Michael Quaglia has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease nine years ago. His first reaction was a shocked one. He cried after his diagnosis. He thought his life was finished and he cannot do anything anymore. But then he found a non-profit organization called ‘Rock Steady Boxing”. This organization runs an exercise program around the world for people with Parkinson. This exercise program is called ‘Non-Contact Boxing’. Their boxing program has been so much helpful for the people with PD as it has increases the physical and mental capabilities of people with PD and gives them strength to fight back with their disease. And Michael Quaglia is one of them. This program gave him this much strength that he left the way of despair and enlightened his life with the light of hope. In his whole journey of ups and downs and hope, his wife was always with him. He said his wife is the angel and hero for him. In addition he has mentioned that second most important person in his life who helped him a lot is his coach, who gave him not only physical strength but also mental support.
So don’t let anything over power your life. Remember You have Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s does not have you.

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