Threats to Male Fertility

Current estimates state that about 6% of all men between 15 and 50 years of age are infertile. There can be any number of reasons for male infertility, but the most common reason is a low sperm count.

If you are suffering form a low sperm count, take some solace in that you are far from alone. Research has shown that globally the average sperm count of the average male is half, that's right 50% – of what it was in 1940. Most scientists agree that environmental changes such as increased pollution and toxins, and hormones and chemicals in our food are to blame.

Low sperm count is not the only reason for male infertility. Another problem can be poor or weakened sperm that are not strong enough to reach the egg. There is a problem in some men where even when the sperm reach the egg they lack the ability to penetrate it. There is also a condition in which the man's own ejaculate contains an antibody that actually attacks and kills his own sperm. Sometimes a man can be infertile not because he is producing an inadequate amount of or inferior sperm, but his ejaculate contains no sperm because of a blockage in the tubes that delver them from the testes to the penis.

There can be several reasons, or threats to Male Fertility that can cause the above conditions:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Diet foods high in fat in acid have been known to effect sperm count and sperm health
  • Extreme fluctuation in weight – both significant weight loss or significant weight gain can lead to low sperm count
  • Excessive physical activity – being in shape is important to being fertile, but too much exercise and too much muscle mass can limit sperm production. And yes certain physical activities like bike riding can result in poor sperm count
  • Clothing – yes it true – in the "boxers or briefs" question – if becoming a daddy is your goal – go with the boxers.
  • Infections and STD's
  • Exposure to toxins especially radiation and heavy metals
  • Heavy Smoking
  • Drug use especially "street" drugs
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Lack of Sleep

Also any male suffering from any form of ED, (Erectile Dysfunction) or ejaculatory conditions like premature ejaculation can experience the problems of infertility.

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