The Real Harmful Effects Of Cigarette Smoking

In each new research paper and each new study that appears, there’s just more and more negative news when it concerns the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. As doctors, biologist, and scientists discover more about the anatomy and are capable of tracing the smoking effects more clearly, they establish more about its harm.

While lung cancer remains as the number one concern for many when it amounts to the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, in fact, many cancers have been connected to this habit, such as throat, bladder, liver, of the large intestine, of the larynx, of the mouth and tongue, and even leukemia and blood cancer.

In addition, this habit will act upon drying up the arteries close to the heart, resulting in these muscles working that much harder to do their job. Among the clear health effects is the recurrence of heart disease, heart attacks, and other complaints of the vascular system. Many instances of heart attacks and heart disease happen in the non-smoker that’s able to be traced back to passive smoking or second hand smoke.

Of course cancer isn’t the sole disease of the lung that’s as a consequence of the effects that smokers have on the body. Asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough with sputum, chronic sore throat, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia and just about any other disease that one may contract in the respiratory system is in someway associated with smokers.

And so the bottom line is there are a variety of harmful effects of cigarette smoking, and none of these are good. It is not hype; it’s reality that smoking doesn’t do anything but affect your health and of those close to you.

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