"The flu epidemic comes late December" warns Michel Cymes

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The seasonal flu vaccination campaign began on October 6th. It continues until the 31st of January next, you still have time to get vaccinated, I advise you not to delay because usually the outbreak occurs at the end of December.

It lasts between one and three months and she will cause on average between 4,000 and 6,000 deaths. In more than nine out of 10 cases, victims are over 65 years old. Are the elderly the only ones for whom the vaccine is highly recommended?

No, the High Council of Public Health considers that there are other categories of people concerned by the vaccine. Outraged over 65, there are pregnant women, obese people and people who gravitate around infants less than 6 months of age who have risk factors for severe influenza, ie children for whom influenza is a very serious problem.

Who are these babies?

Those are the premature children or those who have congenital heart disease, that is to say they are born with a heart problem but there are also children whose
immune system is failing and anyone with a lung, neurological or neuromuscular pathology.

These children are obviously fragile and by definition very surrounded, it would be stupid for an adult to give them his flu because he did not protect himself. Sick adults this is not missing since the seasonal flu hits between two and eight million people every winter. The entourage of these children must be vaccinated, I think the parents but also the maternal assistants since the flu is contagious I remember it.

Is there a chronology of the infection?

Yes there is a timeline but we do not realize it immediately. When you are infected with the flu virus, there is an incubation period, it can flow
three days before symptoms appear: fever, chills, muscle aches and runny nose, will last about five days before you recover.

If you make the total you have at least a week and a maximum for three weeks for a full recovery. You start to be contagious before you know you have the flu. The trap is there and it's even a double trap because you remain contagious for one or two days afters that the symptoms have disappeared so you think you are cured but you put the mistigri to those who approach you.

All this is in case of flu and as you will be vaccinated unless it is already done you have no reason to worry.

Should vaccination be compulsory for caregivers?

Finally, an annoying question: should vaccination against influenza be made mandatory for health care workers? I let you think I have my opinion and I will give it to you in a next column.

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