The Definition of Obesity – Know If You Are on the Obesity Scale

Obesity is simply defined as a condition wherein a person is overweight. A healthy person must only weigh in proportion to how tall he or she is. An individual's ideal weight must be within the body mass index (BMI) . The ideal BMI is within 18.5 to 24.9. Waist circumference is also taken into consideration to measure the fat content of the body.

Unattractive and Unhealthy

Today's society sees beauty in being healthy, so obesity is definitely a no-no. Being excessively overweight increases one's proneness to being afflicted with other health risks such as diabetes type 2, hypertension, cancer, stroke, and osteoarthritis, to name only a few. Sadly, this condition is not limited to adults – even children as young as six years old are becoming obese.

Prevention and Treatment

Being obese is largely attributed to a very unhealthy diet and utter lack of exercise of a person. To prevent yourself from becoming overweight, make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy and get on your feet and exercise.
When you are already on the side of being obese, losing even a tenth of your current weight will significantly lower your risks from health problems. However, losing the first few pounds will be really tough to achieve but once you start shedding off the first layers, the rest will slide off almost easily.

You may find it more effective and easier to lose the weight when you do it with a support group. If you are shy, just ask a friend who shares the same sentiment with you and be exercise, and diet buddies. Find a program that will best suit you, but try your best to stick to a program first before giving up and moving on to the next.

Do not stop with your program; try to squeeze in as much activity as you can in a day. Instead of driving, try riding a bike or instead of riding the elevator all the way up, divide the floors with elevator rides and walking up the stairs.

Live healthy and be healthy.

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