The Day I was diagnosed with Parkison’s disease at age 32

This is a video of me when I was doing standard movement tests to diagnose me with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease.

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  1. Similar to most cases I imagine but I was 55 when I got diagnosed. Same test routine, though. Sorry you got it so young! On the plus side you are stronger and maybe have closer friends at your age?? That would help. Wish you well.

  2. Hey Allison. Thanks for sharing. I had very similiar symptoms and was diagnosed at age 35. Hopefully this video will help physicians see what PD looks like in young people. I notice you didn't really have a tremor. I didn't either which is why it took almost 3 years to be diagnosed.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Allison. I'm going to share your video on our Facebook page (Hyperbaric Medical Solutions) for our PD patients and their families. If you haven't tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT, please consider it and contact us or your nearest HBOT center for more info on how people with PD are basically using oxygen as a drug to help them. Wishing you the best.~Tracey

  4. Allison, research has shown stationery cycling at 80 rpm for 40 minutes or walking 2 miles per 40 minutes every other day can halt or reverse many symptoms of PD.  Talk to your doctors about it before you do it.  God bless you.

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