The child's diabetes explodes

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The reasons are still unclear but the report is clear: the number of diabetic children has exploded in recent years. In the endocrinology-diabetology department of the pediatric hospitals of Nice-CHU Lenval, the number of new cases has doubled … between 2015 and today! "We do not know the precise reasons for this increase, which is obvious that they are multifactorial. There is a link between genetic and environmental factorsnotes Dr. Marie Hoflack, pediatrician specialized in endocrinology and diabetologist of the child. Another observation: 15 years ago, the diagnosis of diabetes was rarely made before the age of 6 years. Now, this is the case for 25% of patients. Things have changed so fast that families, doctors, do not think about this disease in the face of the first symptoms. "

Diabetes in children (this is type 1 diabetes) is linked to the destruction of pancreatic cells that secrete insulin. The direct consequence is the excess of sugar in the blood. However, all this sugar makes you thirsty, so we find children who drink and urinate …