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The best workout plan for men over 40

As you get older, your approach to life changes. You have more wisdom than you were when you were a young man of all your years of experience – but in some contexts, like the gym, you will have to… Continue Reading →

Lowering blood pressure with a 30-minute workout instead of taking medication

Thirty minutes of exercise in the morning can prove to be just as effective as a prescription medication for lowering blood pressure in older, overweight and obese men and women. This is the result of scientific research conducted by the… Continue Reading →

This training cut makes each movement a basic workout

You know everything about sit-ups and boards, the typical ways to train your abdominals. But what if you could perfect your six-pack without ever doing an exercise dedicated to abdominals? Get ready for the ab workout that you have never… Continue Reading →

Is it ok to eat just before a workout?

Eat or not to eat? That is the question. Ask a dozen different people who regularly exercise on their point of view to eat before a workout and you will get as many answers. Some swear by some type of… Continue Reading →

Mix Up Chest Day With This Wild Pump Workout

Spend enough time at the gym and you will finally learn that the road to a larger and wider chest is not just about doing heavy rehearsals of bench presses. You need to stress your pecs in different ways and… Continue Reading →

Try this Ab workout challenge to attack your heart like a predator

If you have already made a trip with us through hell hollow bodyget ready for another ab scorcher designed to put your heart to the test. This hollow body rock Challenge adds some additional basic elements to make its effects… Continue Reading →

Spryng is a technical compression garment to speed up the recovery of your workout •

The start-up presented the portable muscle recovery tool at CES and confirmed it by several scientific articles that develop the medical applications of active compression. On the Spryng, there are three different modes and patterns of intensity, but the focus… Continue Reading →

The intense workout that feeds a hip-hop tastemaker

The man who managed Biggie Smalls looks up at the sound of Charlie Brown's ring, then continues to press on the shoulders. It is 6:25 am and the day of Mark Pitts starts late. The RCA executive should be about… Continue Reading →

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