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Why Liam Hemsworth was not at his first romantic, but his wife Miley Cyrus was •

Liam Hemsworth intended to bring his wife, Miley Cyrus, at the premiere of Monday of his new romantic comedy "Is not It Romantic". However, the Australian actor was forced to miss the evening because of "health problems". This did not… Continue Reading →

The husband says that his wife received a lethal dose of fentanyl. He wants to know why. • Good Medical

David Austin was shocked when he learned that his wife was one of 27 people who may have been given excessive or even fatal doses of Fentanyl. The widower, who is suing an Ohio doctor who ordered the dose that… Continue Reading →

The mission of a man to find a kidney donor for his wife becomes viral • Good Medical

But on the way to the counter, I noticed a man with a black coat, carrying a backpack carrying a sign: "Need a kidney for my wife, B + 917-442-6202." Not knowing what to say, I quickly took a picture…. Continue Reading →

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