Video Game Fights Childhood Obesity

In Orlando Florida the problem of Childhood Obesity has gotten out of control and a new DVD game has been developed to counter act the problem.

The name of the computer video game being developed is “Body Mechanics” it works by teachings children how to avoid the damaging effects of being overweight.

Within the computer video game the player joins a team of super heroes called “Body Mechanics” fighting an evil corporation of harm and disease with villains named “Col Estorol and Betes II”. This help to educate the child on the different disease out there that can occur as a result of being obese.

The fighting takes place inside fictional character Jack Decayd. If Jack gets too obese the city called Obeez then becomes un-contained and Jack runs the risk dying as a result.

The narration of the game starts out as follows. It started with just a few snacks here, some junk food there, now the corporation of harm and disease threatens the state of Obeez and Jack Decayd.

Now the player must join the Body Mechanics to gain knowledge and information to save Jack’s life. The target of the game is children ages 6 to 19 years of age whom are struggling with a weight problem or obesity. Eighty percent of these children run the risk of being obese as an adult and are much more susceptible to problems such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

The computer video game’s developers hope that Body Mechanics will help to instruct and educate its target market on preventative ways to avoid obesity.

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