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The argument to play video games with our children

I am, without a doubt, guilty. I am an involved and caring parent … except when my 6 year old son is playing video games. As long as the games seem to suit your age, I let him play as… Continue Reading →

A pharmaceutical company used rap video to get higher doses and sales

BOSTON (Good Medical) – Employees of a pharmaceutical company accused of corrupting doctors have beaten and danced around a person disguised as a vial of fentanyl spray, highly addictive, in a video intended to encourage sales representatives to push drugs…. Continue Reading →

Physical video therapy is a new trend in fashion

Experts predict that the digital health market will be the most fashionable trend this year and that in 2020, the industry is expected to generate $ 206 billion. The latest hotbed of digital health is physical therapy. By opting for… Continue Reading →

Mommy's viral training video inspires millions of people while she promises to lose 451 pounds

A mother and her ambitious weight loss journey are receiving global support after a video of her exercises has been viewed by millions of people. In the fall of 2018, Leneathra Reed, a certified pharmacy technician from Meridian, Mississippi, kicked… Continue Reading →

A licensed Kentucky teacher after a video shows his trailing autistic boy

Kentucky State Police "opened an investigation into teacher Trina Abrams," said Private David Boarman, adding that she had "been charged with the 4th degree of assault." , victim of less than 12 years ". CNN has not been able to… Continue Reading →

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