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A temporary victory for the right to abortion • Good Medical

As a result, according to the Fifth Circuit, the June Medical Services case is totally different from the same Hellerstedt case. And so it is also constitutional. It is hard to believe that the Fifth Circuit's opinion was even intended… Continue Reading →

Pyramid Victory of Kevin McCarthys • Good Medical

It's also McCarthy who was filmed in 2016 telling a group of Republicans that Donald Trump could be on Vladimir Putin's payroll, to become then ridiculed (or praised) as one of the most Trump's big boosters in Congress ("My Kevin,"… Continue Reading →

"One Fish at a Time": Indonesia Wins a Remarkable Victory •

Indonesia, the world's largest tuna fishing country, has made every effort in recent years to transform the health of an industry plagued by depleted stocks and illegal poaching. The measures taken by the government – which even included the bombardment… Continue Reading →

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