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Trilobites: searching for secrets to save lives

There are many cases in medicine where it would be useful to stop or slow down the time considerably. This could save you from amputation, prevent paralysis after a stroke, or save your life after a heart attack. In the… Continue Reading →

Trilobites: a rare bird: a cardinal half male, half female

A bird skipping by the window lately is the weirdest Shirley and Jeffrey Caldwell have ever seen. His left side is the mole shade of female Cardinals; on the right, the scarlet signature of the males. Researchers believe that the… Continue Reading →

Trilobites: beaked whales are the deepest divers

Cuvier's beaked whales are among the most mysterious and adept mammals on the planet. They can dive deeper and hold their breath longer than any other marine mammal. But biologists still know very little, because they only surface a few… Continue Reading →

Trilobites: looking for superpowers in the Axolotl genome

The axolotl, sometimes referred to as Mexican roaming fish, is a four-legged tube sock, feathered gill wreath and a long tail fin. It can be pale pink, gold, gray or black, speckled or not, with a look like the emoji… Continue Reading →

Trilobites: The work of a woman was sometimes blue

Anita Radini, an archaeologist at the University of York, England, spends a lot of time examining tartar. Really old tartare. Tartar, or dental plaque – that film of bacteria that looks like a pullover on the teeth – contains a… Continue Reading →

Trilobites: the giant mushroom is older, bigger and rarely changes

Scientists first reported finding it in 1992: a giant mushroom that weighs as much as a blue whale and spans over 30 acres of forest in the upper part of the Michigan Peninsula. It was not an Alice in Wonderland… Continue Reading →

Trilobites: free trees? Many Detroit residents say no thanks

[[[[Like the Science Times page on Facebook. | Sign up for the Science Times Bulletin.] From the late 19th century to the 1950s, Detroit was known as "the city of trees", with more per capita than any industrialized city in… Continue Reading →

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