Top 4 Main Causes of Obesity

Usually there are multiple causes of obesity in our modern society today and all these pin point to our way of lifestyle such as what we eat and exercise. However, I would like us to understand what obesity is.

Obesity is a condition by which a person has so much body fat which presents great danger to the individual health. And some of the health risks presented by obesity to the person if steps are not taken to counter the problem includes heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

It is essential to know what causes of obesity are, so that you can take precautions and changes that lead to a healthy way of life which comes with tremendous benefits. There are so many diet plans available out there that offer instant "cure" for obesity and overweight. I believe the critical means to achieving a healthy weight is through a change of lifestyle and remaining committed to it.

The sad thing and i mean sad, is until people make a lasting changes in their lifestyles and consistently choose healthy foods along with discipline and exercise, their efforts to achieve a healthy lifestyle may never manifest.

Let us now look at the causes of obesity and how we can manage obesity, and overweight as a result of change of lifestyle and eating habits. Well obesity takes place or happens due to;

1. Personal lifestyle

A way of life with no activity or exercise is a sure way of allowing overweight take charge over your life. We call such lifestyle with no activity or exercise as sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to many avoidable diseases which are leading causes of death in this present day.

2. Poor self image

It is well-known that being obese and overweight can greatly affect your self esteem, and lead to cravings or poor eating habits.

These individual turn to poor eating habits as away to comfort themselves from low self esteem. Identify your life passions or hobbies, and even join a club that match with your hobbies or interests and get involved as they are so many around, just find one and get involved.

3. Eating habits

When you consume more high calorie foods which means, the more extra calories you have get converted to body fats and the right way to handle this is to lead a active lifestyle and a good example is exercising to help build muscles instead of fat.

Whether these calories do come from saturated fat, sugar, protein or even starch, and unused calories are turned into body fats.

4. Emotional factors

Anxiety, stress or even illness for such as depression can lead one to poor eating patterns which leads to obesity.

There are steps one can take to fight obesity and overweight, and these includes;

– Taking charge of what you eat, like eating foods rich in high amounts of fiber such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, beans, lentils, use healthy oil such as olive or walnut and reduce sugars and saturated fats intake.

– Resolve to lead active life like exercising, possibly waking up early in the morning and doing a 30 min workout will significantly lead you to the right path and soon you will begin seeing changes in your body.

Stay clear of stress and learn to appreciate life and have a positive attitude. Set some life goals that you have wanted to achieve and go for them, and there is nothing more encouraging than making progress in life. Encourage a healthy life and take care of your precious body as it is the only place you have to live.

How to Know Whether You Have Swine Flu – Top 10 Characteristic Symptoms

The swine flu (also called swine influenza) is caused by one of the several types of swine virus.

The swine flu symptoms do not differ from the traditional symptoms of the regular flu, affecting millions of people, but it is worth mentioning some of the symptoms you have experienced the
sick. If you have these symptoms for 2 days running, it is essential to consult a doctor immediately:

1. High fever, up from 38 and 40 degrees.
2. Pain in muscles.
3. Fatigue, eye pain and headache.
4. Burning and dryness in the throat, recurrent cough.
5. Breathing problems such as rapid breathing.
6. Fatigue and feeling tired appellant body.
7. Loss of appetite.
8. Nasal secretions, such as mucus and fluids from the nose.
9. Diarrhea

It does not differ much from the usual flu symptoms, but diarrhea and vomiting are intensified in the case of swine flu.

What should you do if you think you have influenza A (H1N1)?

o If you feel sick, have high fever, cough or sore throat:
o Stay at home, keep away from work, school or other public places as far as possible.
o Have a rest and drink plenty of water.
o Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and throw away used tissues.
o Wash hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly, especially after coughing or sneezing.
o Ask your relatives and friends to help you with housework that require contact with others, such as shopping.

Remember, only medical tests can distinctly define whether you have swine flu.

Top Natural Remedies For Migraines

Many migraine sufferers do not want to take traditional medications to treat migraines. Instead, such sufferers seek out all natural methods for treating migraines. There are a number of herbal remedies that prove beneficial for migraine sufferers; let's examine some of the tried and true herbal remedies below.

Ginseng is one of the more popular herbal remedies used for treating migraines. Some people like to take capsules of Ginseng on a daily basis since this herb works wonders when it comes to headache prevention. Others prefer to get their dose of daily Ginseng through the consumption of delectable Ginseng teas. What's nice about Ginseng is that it is an herb that offers additional benefits to the individual that consumes it. Ginseng is known to help alleviate depression, nausea, stomach ailments, respiratory illnesses, and to treat issues with inflammation as well as fatigue.

Gingko Biloba is another herb that people can turn to when seeking all natural, healthy ways for treating migraines. The latter herb is cited for improving upon circulation and experts have found that the increased circulation helps to alleviate the throbbing pain of migraines. Gingko Biloba is also used to help in improving one's memory naturally since the consumption of this herb promotes oxygenation of the brain as well as circulatory processes.

Ginger has been successfully used to treat migraines as well. Ginger is offered in teas or capsules and experts have cited that the consumption of ginger deliveries excellent migraine relief if consumed over a period of three to five days. The additional benefits associated with Ginger consumption include improved circulatory processes, the relief of stomach ailments, the reduction of abdominal cramping, blood sugar regulation and immunological system improvements too.

Dogwood or Jamaican dogwood is a great herb for treating migraines that are brought on from sleep disturbances. Jamaican Dogwood is a natural anti-inflammatory and this herb is also used for the alleviation of severe, throbbing pain. This herb is also used when treating toothaches, severe coughs, Dysmenhorrhea, and general nerve pain too.

Willow Bark has long been appreciated for its natural capacity to alleviate pain of all kinds. Excellent for headache pain, fever, joint pains and pain caused by arthritic conditions, Willow Bark is amazingly successful when used for treating the pain and discomfort associated with migraines. Willow Bark has also been found to contain a number of antioxidants and the herb is great for improving upon the power of one's immune system, too.

Whatever herbs one considers using when it comes to treating migraines, it is very important that he or she has a conversation with a doctor before doing so. Certain herbs may interact with other medications and there is a potential for allergic reactions to some herbal remedies. By speaking with a doctor or someone that specializes in the use of herbs, the individual can determine what herbs are safe to consume. It is also important to discuss the most effective methods for consumption; some herbs are available as tinctures, teas, powders, and capsules.

Top 5 Symptoms of Infertility

Did you know that 1 in 8 women in America experience symptoms of infertility, and have problems getting pregnant? While not all cases of infertility can be explained, you and your partner can look for the following infertility symptoms and see if any of these apply.

1. Irregular menstrual cycle . One of the most obvious symptoms of infertility is irregular menstrual cycles. First of all, the irregularity makes it difficult to time the ovulation in the first place, thus reducing the chance of success. Also, an irregular period is usually a result of an imbalance – most likely hormonal imbalance – within your body and this imbalance may have an impact on your reproductive system. For example, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one of the most common causes of infertility. This is a condition with under-developed follicles and eggs, as well as irregular ovulation, and the root of this problem lies in the excessive insulin in the body which upset the overall hormonal balance. Symptoms of PCOS include excessive hair growth, pelvic pain, and of course, irregular periods.

2. Excessive Pain . Many women experience cramps during their periods. While normally this is nothing to worry about, excessive pain could point to problems in the reproductive system. For example, Endometriosis is a disorder concerning the lining of the uterus, which can cause pain in the uterus and around the pelvic area. In addition, if there is pain during intercourse, it may indicate, again, Endometriosis as well as Fibroid tumor (a benign tumor in the ovary, which may or may not affect fertility). In general, if the pain you are experiencing is so intense that it affects your daily life, it is a good idea to seek medical advice for further check up.

3. Weight Issues . Women who are either obese or overly thin could be a candidate of infertility as well. Why? Obesity can lead to Diabetes and hormonal imbalance which decrease the chance of fertility success. In fact, one of the most successful natural cure for women with PCOS is to lose weight. system to function properly. For women who are planning to get pregnant, they should eat plenty of food containing folic acid, vitamin B complex, iron, zinc and calcium to ensure proper health of both the women and the fetuses.

While you may think that these symptoms of infertility concern the women only, men's ability to produce children could also be affected by obesity, as hormonal imbalance also applies to them. In addition, obesity may lead to high blood pressure and diabetes which will affect the overall health of the individual, which may have varying impact to the quality of the sperms.

4. Age . It is not surprising that fertility decreases as age advances. A typical woman ovulates around 300 eggs during her child-bearing age. After her 30th birthday, the quality of eggs gradually decreases as the condition of the ovary and reproductive organs deteriorates. For men, while sperms are constantly being replenished, the men's ability to make sperm with the appropriate shape and mobility also reduces as they age. Having said that, the deterioration generally does not begin until the age of 40, and a lucky few have no problems at all even at advanced age.

5. Prior Cases of Sexually Transmitted Disease . Those who have STDs previously may have scars in the reproductive systems which may or may not have an impact on getting conceived. For these couples, it is wise to have a fertility check up as soon as possible.

Is There An Infertility Cure?

While you may not be able to tackle some of the symptoms of infertility by yourself, you can do the following to improve your chances:

  1. Balanced and varying diet : to reduce infertility as a result of being obese or overly thin;
  2. Exercise : to counteract the impact of aging, and improve the overall health of the body and mind;
  3. Relax : you and your partner can at least remove other causes of infertility such as stress and excessive intake of stimulants such as cigarettes and alcohol.
  4. Seek medical help promptly : many of the conditions above can be alleviated by fertility drugs.

Top Medical Insurance Providers

here are several health insurance carriers in the country and still, it is sad to see that not everyone are able to fully protect themselves and their family from medical emergencies due to the rising cost of health coverage. Good for those who enjoy the opportunity to be part of group health insurance as they pay low or nothing at all. For most Americans, it is a shoo-in for individual health insurance, or nothing at all.

While individual health insurance can be more expensive than group health insurance, it would be more expensive not to have any coverage at all. To make the search for the perfect medical insurance carriers easier, it would be ideal to check out their backgrounds and what they can offer to their customers.

Here are the top medical insurance carriers as rated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners based on market share:

Unitedhealth Group

The UnitedHealth Group is contracted of UnitedHealthcare, one of the many medical insurance carriers that serve millions of customers all over the United States. The Group offers healthcare plans that provide access to high-quality healthcare not limited to the 50 states but also in other international markets. The union of UnitedHealthcare and Golden Rule Insurance Company in 2003 has led to the provision of health insurance solutions and innovative health insurance products to many families. One of the many criticisms lodged against medical insurance carriers is the processing speed of claims. This company is proud of being able to process 94 percent of all health insurance claims in ten business days or even fewer. Medical insurance providers like United provide a toll-free customer service line for consumer inquiries.


Amongst all the other medical insurance carriers, WellPoint has the largest membership of 34 million for its affiliated health plans. The company provides health benefit solutions and products including long-term health insurance, life and disability insurance and behavioral health assistance services along with others. Health coverage is supplied by this company to over 30 million members through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield name. It provides a variety of health plans including indemnity, HMO, PPO, hybrid plans for businesses, and recipients of Medicaid and Medicare. WellPoint has 37,500 employees as of 2010.

Kaiser Foundation Group

The Kaiser Foundation Group includes Kaiser Permanente which in turn is composed of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Permanente Medical Groups. With at least 8.7 million members in the District of Columbia and nine states, Kaiser is respected as the largest non-profit health plan in the US. It is famous for offering an integrated health care delivery model to its members including emergency care, well-baby and prenatal care, pre-emptive care, pharmacy services, hospital visits and medical services. It has a network of 32 medical centers, 416 medical offices and 13,729 doctors.


Aetna is one of the healthcare leaders among the many medical insurance carriers in the United States. They provide employee benefits, disability coverage, group life, pharmacy and dental plans. Aetna is supported by 154 years of heritage, having been created in 1850. It has a total of 34,024 employees and covers all 50 states. This firm has 16.6 million members and has a network of 4771 hospitals and over 470,000 doctors and specialists.


HumanaOne provides inexpensive health coverage and targets recent college graduates, early retirees, entrepreneurs and those who are not covered by work. It aims to make insurance plans more affordable to these sectors by providing low insurance costs of up to 50 percent. As one of the largest publicly-traded health insurance providers in the country, HumanaOne has a network of over 3,000 hospitals, over 350,000 medical providers and over 50,000 pharmacies all over the United States.

Knowing about the leading medical insurance providers will give consumers an idea of ​​what to look for while selecting their own medical insurance carriers including the quality of health insurance provided, costs, and the total network of the provider.