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Pressure on Facebook and Google to put an end to anti-vax conspiracy theories •

While a measles epidemic continues to spread in the state of Washington, Facebook "is exploring new measures" to tackle fake anti-vaccine content on the platform, Bloomberg reports. The news comes after critics of Rep. Adam Schiff, who today sent Facebook… Continue Reading →

I wonder why men send pictures of their genitals? Here are some theories

There are several theories for which. Men are simply not good at assessing a woman's level of interest in her, says Alexandra Katehakis, founder and clinical director of the Los Angeles Center for Healthy Sex. "Yes, they are bad," she… Continue Reading →

This GOP congressman-elect just played into the worst anti-vaccine conspiracy theories – and he's not the only one

This week, the Tennessean Reported That Mark Green, a physician and state senator who was just elected to the 7th Congressional District, told a crowd of constituents that he believes there is a link between childhood vaccines and autism –… Continue Reading →

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