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Is sweet potato good for you?

Simply by the name, you may think that sweet potatoes are not so healthy – but you might be surprised to see the nutritional profile of this vegetable. A sweet potato with medium baked skin contains 103 calories, as indicated… Continue Reading →

How sweet it is! This company makes chocolate good for health

It sounds almost too good to be true, but eating chocolate is good for your health. There is, however, a caveat: you have to be prepared the right way. It's a challenge that New York City's Raaka Chocolate accepted and… Continue Reading →

How to spend a sweet Valentine's Day without blowing up your diet

Heart-themed chocolates flood the store shelves, but the month of February when refined sugar may not have returned In recent years, more and more people have adopted healthier lifestyles. herbal diets or following strict keto and Whole-30 plans to eat…. Continue Reading →

Sweet caesareans could transform the way we give birth • Good Medical

In May 2017, Kelly Woolsey had a cesarean section and welcomed her daughter, Hailey. Woolsey's caesarean section was not common, although it was a "soft" caesarean, an increasingly popular procedure she was used to as a CRNA in the work… Continue Reading →

Sweet potatoes can be used to fight cancer

Sweet potatoes are not only one of the cheapest vegetables on the planet, but also one of the healthiest. According to, these versatile and tasty tubers have incredible nutritional value. In fact, a recent study published by the University… Continue Reading →

Sweet sodas linked to higher risk of kidney disease

(Reuters Health) – According to a US study, people who drink a lot of soda and sweetened fruit juice are more likely to develop chronic kidney disease than those who do not. Researchers looked at survey data on drink consumption… Continue Reading →

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