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Using the jar for teenagers increases the risk of suicide later

By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, February 13, 2019 (HealthDay News) – A jar could be particularly dangerous for teenage brains, suggests a new review. Not only those who smoked marijuana more likely to suffer depression and suicidal thoughtsthey were… Continue Reading →

Facebook examines publications to detect suicide risk and health experts have concerns

But the question remains: Should Facebook change the way it monitors users for the risk of suicide? "People need to know that … they can be experienced" In 2011, Facebook is associated with the national suicide prevention network Lifeline initiate… Continue Reading →

Rights Group: Alabama in Suicide Crisis in Prison

MONTGOMERY, Alaska (Good Medical) – A human rights group said on Friday that Alabama officials have not responded to rising suicide rates in state prisons despite orders a federal court to improve the conditions of detention of prisoners with mental… Continue Reading →

The global death rate by suicide is down

THURSDAY, Feb. 7, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Lost Lives Study Bad News and Good News suicide around the world. The new report reveals that every year more people than ever commit suicide in the world die by suicide. In 2016,… Continue Reading →

Instagram forbids images of self-harm after a teenager's suicide

Instagram announced on Thursday that it would no longer allow graphic images of self-mutilation, such as cutting, on its platform. This change seems to address the public's attention to how the social network might have influenced the suicide of a… Continue Reading →

Suicide prevention project aims to help farmers in distress

MADISON, Wisconsin (Good Medical) – Financial difficulties led Leon Statz to sell his 50 dairy cows, which caused the depression of the third-generation peasant. Then, land adjacent to his 200-acre farm near Loganville was sold – land that his late… Continue Reading →

Screening for suicide risk could reduce deaths among incarcerated youth

(Good Medical Health) – An American study suggests that adolescents and young men in correctional facilities are at increased risk of suicide. However, they are very similar to young people without committing suicide. One of the few differences identified by… Continue Reading →

"You can overcome the worst": the school allows teens to take the lead in suicide, sexual assault

Lillian Mongeau The Hechinger report Posted at 6:00 am EST January 27, 2019 This story about social-emotional learning was produced by The Hechinger Report, an independent, non-profit media organization focused on inequities and innovation in education. Sign up for the… Continue Reading →

The risk of suicide increases the year following the diagnosis of cancer

Although cancer survival rates have improved dramatically in recent decades, the diagnosis of certain types of cancer can still be sufficiently upsetting to increase the patient's risk of suicide, according to a US study. The researchers examined data from more… Continue Reading →

Facebook suicide prevention program by Facebook: likes and dislikes

During the first year of launching an artificial intelligence (AI) program to report potential signs of suicidality in individual accounts, Facebook released data showing that there has been 3,500 health checks worldwide to exclude suicidal intent among its users. Although,… Continue Reading →

According to experts, the suicide rate of young Latinas could be exacerbated by the rhetoric of immigration

It started in sixth grade. Interested in immigration? Add Immigration to stay informed of the latest news on immigration, video and analytics published by ABC News. Sara Martinez stated that she had no reason to be sad and that she… Continue Reading →

"Paradox of Obscure Contrasts": How can economics explain why suicide is more common among Protestants than among Catholics?

Protestantism is good for some people and bad for others. At least, this is the conclusion if we are to judge by the thorny issues of life, death, and prosperity. For the majority of the population, Protestantism tends to increase… Continue Reading →

Sarah Hyland says "very close" to suicide in the middle of a health battle •

Sarah Hyland, star of Modern Family, spoke about depression and the fight against health. (Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images) Sarah Hyland is open on her fight against depression by addressing a variety of health issues, including two kidney transplants…. Continue Reading →

Suicide patient: protect the patient and yourself

To ask a legal / professional health question, for further review, write to the editor at (include "Ask the expert" in the subject line). Question Suicide has become a global health epidemic. Many health care providers are unclear about… Continue Reading →

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