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How many pumps can you do? Study finds men who can be 40 years old are less likely to suffer from heart disease

No Yancey-Bragg dea UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 17:02 EST on February 17, 2019 A new study reveals that the number of pumps that a man can do can be a good indicator of his risk… Continue Reading →

Many children with autism suffer from poor sleep

Children with autism symptoms scored worse in almost every aspect of sleep. Reynolds said that only a few areas – sleep apnea and daytime sleepiness – seemed to have about the same level of difficulty as other children. Autism itself… Continue Reading →

10 Health Problems Every Woman Can Suffer and How to Fix It •

Nearly 3 out of 4 young women avoid consulting a gynecologist when necessary because they are embarrassed. Ladies, if you read this, be aware that your reproductive system is a miraculous force of nature and that you should never be… Continue Reading →

The man is suffering from a stroke that makes him believe that it is acceptable to masturbate "without shame" in front of his loved ones. Now they must suffer his blows •

A bank manager, aged 67, suffered a stroke that made him believe that it was acceptable to masturbate "without shame" in front of his loved ones. His family was worried when they noticed radical changes in his behavior. Doctors in… Continue Reading →

Half of adults who suffer from food allergy do not have one

In other cases, said Gupta, people have an oral allergy syndrome. This occurs when a person allergic to pollen reacts to a food containing pollen-like protein – usually a raw fruit or vegetable. Symptoms include itching in the mouth or… Continue Reading →

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