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Better breast cancer screening, treatments could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in 30 years

(Good Medical Health) – In the past three decades, improved screening and treatment may have prevented hundreds of thousands of women from dying from breast cancer, suggest computer simulations. According to the simulation, 305,000 to more than 600,000 deaths from… Continue Reading →

According to one report, health screening "does not meet goals" • Good Medical

Copyright of the image Getty Images According to a report from the National Audit Office, none of the top three health screening programs in England – for cancer of the intestine, breast or cervix – has achieved its goals. last… Continue Reading →

Screening for suicide risk could reduce deaths among incarcerated youth

(Good Medical Health) – An American study suggests that adolescents and young men in correctional facilities are at increased risk of suicide. However, they are very similar to young people without committing suicide. One of the few differences identified by… Continue Reading →

Screening for hepatitis in all new patients with cancer?

New study reveals "a large reservoir of cancer patients and undiagnosed patients hepatitis Viral infections "and re-launched the question of whether all newly diagnosed cancer patients should be screened for hepatitis. The S1204 viral screening study in newly diagnosed cancer… Continue Reading →

Complications of lung cancer screening may be greater than expected

(Good Medical Health) – An American study suggests that invasive tracking tests to examine abnormalities in lung cancer screening can lead to more complications and additional costs to health care than physicians previously thought. Many physicians advise older people or… Continue Reading →

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