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Racial Disparities in Cancer Mortality in the United States Decrease • Good Medical

In men, the overall cancer mortality rate was 47% higher for blacks than for whites in 1990, but this gap dropped to 19% in 2016. This disparity was almost eliminated in men under 50 years, according to the study published… Continue Reading →

The Governor of Virginia swears that he will not resign and will focus on racial equity •

(Bloomberg) – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said he "was not going anywhere", but the Democratic lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, may not be able to resign if the charges of sexual assault were deemed true. "These charges are very, very serious,"… Continue Reading →

Study: Cory Bookers' Baby Bonds Almost Close the Racial Richness Gap of Young Adults • Good Medical

Baby bonds, a proposal adopted by presidential candidate Cory Booker, would give newborns savings accounts worth several tens of thousands of dollars at the age of 18. It's an ambitious plan – and, according to a new study, it would… Continue Reading →

How 1% Benefits from Racial Economic Inequality | Dedrick Asante-Muhammad and Chuck Collins •

An economy designed to benefit the richest 1% left most of America behind. While workers' wages have remained stable for decades, spending on health care, housing and most basic needs has increased. In addition to the record concentration of income… Continue Reading →

DNA pioneer robbed of honor over "reprehensible" racial comments

James Watson, who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA alongside Francis Crick in the 1950s based on the work of the British chemist Rosalind Franklin, said in a PBS movie that genes cause a difference in intelligence between whites and… Continue Reading →

Until one year after pregnancy, racial disparities in stress and recovery persist

(Good Medical Health) – A year after giving birth, African-American mothers may have more signs of physical and mental stress that may increase the risk of chronic disease, compared to white or Latin women, according to a small US study…. Continue Reading →

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