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A woman with a rare brain infection claims that she thought she was "the Messiah" after coming out of a coma

A counselor relived the extraordinary moment she woke up coma thinking that she was "the Messiah" after a rare cerebral infection it has turned into "a different person." Convinced that she was "a messenger of God", although she is not… Continue Reading →

"The only thing we can do is adapt ourselves": the melting ice of Greenland reaches a "tipping point"

The results could have disastrous consequences for the lower islands and coastal cities of the planet. Eight of the 10 of the Earth the largest cities in the world are close to the coast and 40% to 50% of the… Continue Reading →

Here's every kiss from "The Bachelor" Premiere So Far

The single person is back, guys! During the first of Monday's evening, former professional football player Colton Underwood met 30 women who wanted to become his wife, or at least the person with whom he emerges a few months before… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook to Opponents of Apple: "The ecosystem has never been so strong" – CNBC • Good Medical

Last week, Apple lowered its budget forecast for the first quarter in a letter to investors, citing a weakening of the Chinese economy and weaker-than-expected iPhone sales as partial reasons for the review. The letter, attributed to Cook, also indicated… Continue Reading →

New York attacks "the biggest measles epidemic" in the state's recent history, as the number of cases increases in the world

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in September, measles has been diagnosed in at least 112 people in Rockland and Orange counties and at least 55 in New York, according to figures released Tuesday by the state health departments and… Continue Reading →

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