"More efficiency must benefit patients" "DiePresse.com

Given the many developments in other areas such as finance or meteorology, medicine is lagging behind, said Klaus Markstaller, head of anesthesiology and critical care medicine at MedUni Vienna. Although there are already individual applications, especially in imaging diagnostics, the digital transition in medicine has not yet occurred on a large scale. The expert also …

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Genetic data instead of a personal interview? "DiePresse.com

"Personalized Medicine" – one of the most important future medical trends according to some experts – is a misleading term. In general, this involves individual circumstances of patients undergoing medical treatment. A primarily desirable approach that would include mental and social needs and characteristics. In the strictest sense, however, where the term is used primarily, …

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"Medicine works differently today than before" "DiePresse.com

Fitness trackers that transmit user data to the attending physician, a treadmill on which rehabilitation patients walk in a virtual forest or mini-robots performing complicated operations – new technologies have become indispensable in medicine. Increasing complexity "Today's medicine works very differently from the past," says Andreas Mehrle of the Management Center Innsbruck MCI. More and …

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