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Depression 101: Dallas Schoolchildren Introduce to Mental Health – The Associated Press •

DALLAS (Good Medical) – In a scenario that is being repeated in more and more classrooms around the world, a Dallas teenager recently asked her classmate if something was wrong, noting that She did not behave like herself. The brusque… Continue Reading →

Less beef, more beans. Experts say the world needs a new diet – The Associated Press •

NEW YORK (Good Medical) – A hamburger a week, but not more, is about as much red meat as people should eat to do the best for health and the planet, according to a report seeking to reshape the global… Continue Reading →

According to a researcher, food giants undermine China's fight against obesity – The Associated Press •

NEW YORK (Good Medical) – The food industry has dramatically undermined China's efforts to fight obesity, a study released recently said. A researcher from the Chinese society of Harvard University explained how a group founded by Coca-Cola and other food… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook and Qualcomm CEO Embark on a War of Words in the Press – BGR •

If we've learned something from Apple's long legal battle with Samsung, it's because Apple does not hesitate to sit still, accumulate huge legal fees and let justice take its course. And so, with the current litigation between Apple and Qualcomm… Continue Reading →

This bench press balancing act will blow up your chest and your trunk

A breast day means bench press day for most active guys, which is not always a bad thing. The exercise press is a old standard for a reason – but that should not mean you do not do anything other… Continue Reading →

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