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The ability to lift can predict the risk of heart disease in men

(Good Medical Health) – New research suggests that the number of pumps that a man can do in the doctor can be a good predictor of his risk of developing heart disease in the coming years. In a study involving… Continue Reading →

The second annual physical exam organized by Trump by Obama Health: "No doctor can predict the future of anyone" • Good Medical

Former Obama administration health official Ronald Klain, who was US coordinator for the Ebola response in 2014, criticized President Donald Trump's second annual physical health check via Twitter. After Trump had undergone a thorough physical examination at the Walter Reed… Continue Reading →

A hormonal test can predict unhealthy aging

A hormone found in the blood and usually associated with heart disease may also indicate when a person is more likely to weaken or lose their balance ability before age 70. According to a study conducted by British researchers, people… Continue Reading →

As health experts predict a ban on vaping, what do electronic cigarettes actually do to the body? – Yahoo News •

Health experts are debating the possibility of banning vaping after the fear of addiction of underage smokers. According to the latest US figures, e-cigarettes are now the main high-risk substance used by teens despite laws prohibiting the sale to under-18s…. Continue Reading →

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