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BTS fans explain how they "loved each other" and how to join the positive mental health program inspired by the K-pop group • Good Medical

The BTS celebrated their Do you like: do you speak the dates of the tour Tuesday, and fans have taken a sweet and authentic approach to celebrate. A new campaign, under the hashtag #ARMYLoveMyself, has inspired fans of the K-pop… Continue Reading →

The power of prayer: science proves its effectiveness and its positive physiological effects •

Why would a large part of the population criticize Christians for praying when it seems so effective in the Christian community? (IStock) In Christian circles, people often say, "I will pray for you!" Or ask, "What can I pray for… Continue Reading →

Proposed positive action for marijuana licenses for medical purposes

KANSAS CITY, MB (Good Medical) – Two Democratic lawmakers in Kansas City want women's and minority-owned businesses to have a slight edge in the market, as Missouri enters the marijuana sector at home. medical purposes. the Kansas City Star Reports… Continue Reading →

Cats are tested positive for bubonic plague

For the third time in recent months, a cat has been tested positive for bubonic plague in Wyoming, the state of Ministry of Health Reports. No human cases have been identified, but health officials warn that the disease can be… Continue Reading →

A woman tests positive for hepatitis B after a New Jersey surgical center has alerted thousands of potentially exposed people

The New York says it has achieved a positive test result for hepatitis B following its operation in central New Jersey in August. (IStock) New York woman has tested positive for hepatitis B after being operated on at a New… Continue Reading →

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