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In 2005, about 200 people ate "zombie" deer meat. Here is what happened

Ashley May UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 10:15 am EST February 22, 2019 While people are wondering what could happen if humans eat "zombie" deer meat, there is at least one group of people who already… Continue Reading →

The Trump Administration blocks funds intended for planned parents and people who have been subject to abortions

The Trump administration announced Friday that it would ban organizations offering abortion referrals from receiving federal funding for family planning, a step that could eliminate millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood and steer it towards anti-abortion groups based on religion…. Continue Reading →

Letters of denial: Thousands of people could lose La. Medicaid coverage

RED BATON, La. (Good Medical) – The Louisiana Department of Health has informed tens of thousands of Medicaid beneficiaries that they may be excluded from the program after a new computer audit revealed they were making too much money. money… Continue Reading →

Barack Obama: "being a man" does not mean belittling people

Barack Obama rose on Tuesday against toxic masculinity, declaring at an event with NBA superstar Steph Curry in Oakland that being a man does not mean being "able to dominate" but being "responsible, hard working, kind, respectful. " [and] compassionate."… Continue Reading →

China uses DNA to follow its people, with the help of American expertise

"Dr. Budowle and his team hate the use of DNA technology to persecute ethnic or religious groups, "said Carlton in his statement." Their work is focused on criminal investigations and the fight against trafficking in human beings in the service… Continue Reading →

The risk of heart attack increases among young people, especially women

According to a new report, the risk of heart attack would have increased, it seems, among young women. Based on new studyin 1995-1999, 27% of people hospitalized because of a heart attack were between 35 and 54 years old. Between… Continue Reading →

A start-up stops treatment using the blood of young people after a warning •

A startup called Ambrosia Health, which proposed blood transfusions of youths supposedly to reverse aging, ends controversial treatment after a warning from the Food and Drug Administration. "In accordance with the FDA's announcement published on February 19, 2019, we have… Continue Reading →

Asthma: British young people "more likely to die" • Good Medical

Copyright of the image Getty Images A report reveals that young British people are more likely to die of asthma than those in other rich countries. Asthma mortality rates among 10 to 24 year olds were highest in the United… Continue Reading →

Walnuts and almonds help the hearts of people with diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes and want to help your heart, a new study suggests letting your diet go a little crazy. People with type 2 diabetes who ate at least five servings of certain types of nuts decreased… Continue Reading →

FDA: Infusing the blood of young people will not improve your health •

The FDA has issued a warning advising Americans not to infuse plasma infusion into the blood of young people, a "treatment" intended to treat "normal aging and memory loss … dementia, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and post-traumatic stress disorder. "… Continue Reading →

Head of Corrections: Do mentally ill people belong to prison?

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (Good Medical) – The new Minnesota Prison Commissioner has said he plans to leverage his social work training to address one of the biggest challenges facing the country's prison systems: prisoners with mental illness. Paul Schnell, commissioner… Continue Reading →

Mongolia suspends KFC outlets after hundreds of people have experienced symptoms of food poisoning

ULAANBAATAR (Good Medical) – A Mongolian regulator has announced that it will temporarily suspend its activities in KFC restaurants in order to conduct investigations. 42 people were hospitalized and hundreds exhibited symptoms of food poisoning after eating in one of… Continue Reading →

The start-up interrupts treatment using the blood of young people after warning

A startup called Ambrosia Health, which proposed blood transfusions of youths supposedly to reverse aging, ends controversial treatment after a warning from the Food and Drug Administration. "In accordance with the announcement made by the FDA on February 19, 2019,… Continue Reading →

Philippines: 136 people died in a measles epidemic •

The Philippine Secretary of Health announced Monday that 136 people, mostly children, died of measles and 8,400 others became ill from an epidemic due in part to the fear of vaccination. A massive vaccination campaign that began last week in… Continue Reading →

According to one study, an "alarming" number of people received restricted-use fentanyl

the research, published Tuesday in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, revealed that the US Food and Drug Administration and opioid manufacturers were failing, on several levels, to adequately control the restricted use of these types fentanyl as… Continue Reading →

The lesser-known measles outbreak that killed nearly 1000 people in a month – IFLScience •

The recent measles epidemics in North America and Western Europe have received a great deal of attention. Meanwhile, slightly out of the media, there is a lesser-known epidemic that has claimed the lives of at least 922 people since October… Continue Reading →

War against electronic cigarettes: Hong Kong intends to imprison offenders. But will that stop people? – CNN • Good Medical

Like many smokers, Chan, based in Hong Kong, did not relish his addiction. He wanted to quit, but was struggling to end his nicotine addiction. Two years ago, while celebrating his 30th birthday, Chan began using a device that heats… Continue Reading →

136 people dead and 8,400 others in the Philippines: a measles epidemic •

On this Friday, September 12, 2014, in the archive photo, a local health worker is administering a vaccine to a baby in a local health center located in the Makati Financial District, east of Manila, in the Phillippines. Bullit Marquez… Continue Reading →

Philippines: measles outbreak kills more than 130 people •

In the Philippines, health officials said more than 130 people, mostly children, had died of measles and 8,400 had fallen ill during an epidemic largely attributed to fears of vaccination. Infections jumped more than 1,000 percent in Manila, the densely… Continue Reading →

Parenting derails the careers of many people in STEM, especially women

(Good Medical Health) – A new study reveals that almost half of women and a quarter of men leave their careers in science, technology, engineering and math after their first child. Researchers found that 43% of women and 23% of… Continue Reading →

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