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Canapes and vinyl flooring could put children at risk for cancer, obesity, etc.

Vinyl sofas and floor coverings could expose children to potentially dangerous semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including neurodevelopmental delays, obesity, reproductive disorders, and Cancer. A new study conducted by Duke University, North Carolina, shows that children living in homes with all-vinyl… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump in good health despite his technical obesity, according to his doctor •

Donald Trump is technically "obese" but his overall health is very good, according to his latest annual medical exam. The US president, who undergoes a large physical evaluation once a year, has taken four pounds in the last 12 months…. Continue Reading →

Obesity is bad for your health •

Being the big child is something that never really disappears. When you spend all your time awake being perfectly aware of the judgmental tone of each look cast in your path, it leaves an indelible mark that you are hard… Continue Reading →

At 243 pounds, Trump Tipped the Balance of Obesity – Good Medical • Good Medical

Last year, Mr. Trump's LDL rate was 143 and his doctor stated that he hoped that a higher dose of Crestor would help lower his LDL unless of 120 over the next 12 months, a goal that Mr. Trump did… Continue Reading →

Why Pacific Island Nations Have World's Highest Rates of Obesity

However, the prevalence of obesity in children seems to vary from one country to another. The study estimated that "in 1975, there were 11 million children aged 5 to 19 years with obesity and that number had risen to 124… Continue Reading →

Jury still on feces grafts for obesity

Could a fecal microbiota (FMT) transplant be introduced into the intestine of a patient with obesity, one of the answers to fight against this disease? This is the conviction of several groups of researchers who are currently studying the potential… Continue Reading →

According to a study, cancers related to obesity are increasing in millennia

"The risk of cancer increases in young adults for half of obesity-related cancers, and this increase is gradually increasing in the ages," said co-author Ahmedin Jemal, vice president of research program on surveillance and health services. the American Cancer Society…. Continue Reading →

Cancer rates linked to obesity are on the rise in the millennia

the obesity epidemic can contribute to an increase of some cancers millennials in the United States a new study suggests. The study found that rates of some cancers related to obesity – including colorectal, renal and pancreatic cancer – increased… Continue Reading →

Increase in cancers related to obesity

As more and more young American adults struggle with excess weight, they pay an even higher price as rates of obesity-related cancers increase in this age group. Obesity has already been linked to rising rates of type 2 diabetes, heart… Continue Reading →

Do you want to solve obesity and climate change at the same time? Make big food companies pay. • Good Medical

Obesity, climate change and malnutrition are among the biggest global crises facing the world today. Would not it be great to find solutions to address all three issues at the same time? This may seem exaggerated. But a new report,… Continue Reading →

According to reports, to address climate change and the epidemics of obesity and starvation • Good Medical

The Lancet Commission, a group of 43 experts from 14 countries with varied skills recruited by the journal, addressed the subject with high-profile reports in 2011 and 2015, but "little progress has been made" other than the recognition of the… Continue Reading →

To address climate change, obesity and famine epidemics, according to reports

The Lancet Commission, a group of 43 experts from 14 countries with varied skills recruited by the journal, tackled the subject with high-profile reports. in 2011 and 2015but "little progress has been made" other than recognition of the epidemic, the… Continue Reading →

Staying thin and avoiding obesity could be helped by genes, reveals a study

In a new study, it has been shown that thin people have specific gene regions in their DNA, which makes them thin, while exhibiting fewer overweight gene variants. "We found that there are genes associated with thinness," said Sadaf Farooqi,… Continue Reading →

Public-private collaboration to address the health and economic challenge of obesity in Spain • Good Medical

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Stop obesityMax Pixel Spain gave an example of public-private collaboration with the "Plan for Improving the Composition of Foods and Beverages and Other Measures for 2020", which aims to promote healthy eating to… Continue Reading →

Obesity can cut years out of your dog's life, too

WEDNESDAY, January 16, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Carrying extra pounds is not just bad for humans: new research suggests dogs"Lives can be considerably shorter if they are overweight. The study, which evaluated data from more than 50,000 dogs from 12… Continue Reading →

According to a researcher, food giants undermine China's fight against obesity – The Associated Press •

NEW YORK (Good Medical) – The food industry has dramatically undermined China's efforts to fight obesity, a study released recently said. A researcher from the Chinese society of Harvard University explained how a group founded by Coca-Cola and other food… Continue Reading →

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