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The flu is wreaking havoc in California and other states, but the impact is more moderate at the national level, according to the data.

While states such as California and North Carolina have experienced a significant number of influenza-related deaths this season, US health officials said on Friday that the national impact of influenza appeared to be more moderate than that of the US…. Continue Reading →

Republicans fear national emergency will set precedent for Democrats • Good Medical

While President Donald Trump has a public suspicion of declaring a national emergency as a way to set up a border wall, some Republicans are worried about the precedent that such a move could create for future Presidents – and… Continue Reading →

New national data on thyroid storms: a rare but deadly emergency

Thyroid storm, although rare, occurs in approximately one of six hospitalized patients with a major diagnosis of thyrotoxicosis, but the disease is associated with a 12-fold higher mortality rate than thyrotoxicosis without a thyroid storm, according to new research. "Emergency… Continue Reading →

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