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Primary care can reduce mortality, but fewer PCPs are available

According to one study, a greater proportion of primary care physicians in the general population is associated with a longer life expectancy and slightly lower cardiovascular, cancer and respiratory mortality. published online yesterday at JAMA Internal Medicine. Yet the supply… Continue Reading →

Supply of primary care physicians related to mortality rates

(Good Medical Health) – A study suggests that death rates are lower in US communities with more primary care physicians than in areas of the country with fewer doctors. In the United States, the total number of primary care physicians… Continue Reading →

The gap in cancer mortality narrows between blacks and whites

Cancer mortality rates among African Americans continue to decline, so that the disparity between blacks and whites is narrowing for the most common cancers and in some age groups the mortality gap has widened. almost eliminated, according to new statistics…. Continue Reading →

Racial Disparities in Cancer Mortality in the United States Decrease • Good Medical

In men, the overall cancer mortality rate was 47% higher for blacks than for whites in 1990, but this gap dropped to 19% in 2016. This disparity was almost eliminated in men under 50 years, according to the study published… Continue Reading →

New anti-HCV drugs reduce mortality and risk of liver cancer

Direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapy appears to reduce the risk of death and liver cancer in patients with chronic hepatitis C viruses (HCV), including those with cirrhosis, new research shows. In a prospective cohort study of more than 10,000 adult patients… Continue Reading →

Consume ultra-processed foods linked to higher mortality

According to a study published online Feb. 11 in JAMA Internal Medicine, people who consume more ultra-processed foods are more likely to die. "The results of this prospective study on a large French cohort suggest for the first time, to… Continue Reading →

Unexplained Tachycardia – Triple Risk of Cancer Mortality & # 39;

Among cancer patients with tachycardia but without a health problem associated with tachycardia, such as lung disease or thyroid disease, the overall mortality risk is significantly increased. According to US researchers, this increased risk may reflect the additional strain imposed… Continue Reading →

Report: Residents of East Washington Have Higher Mortality

SPOKANE, Washington (Good Medical) – Locals in the west of the state are more likely to die from cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and other common causes of death that residents of the west of the country, according to researchers… Continue Reading →

Drug Overdose Mortality Increases Most in Middle-aged Women, CDC Reveals

It is not clear why women are disproportionately affected. (IStock) The drug overdose mortality rate at women in the United States has grown significantly, according to the data published this week in the morbidity and mortality report of the Center… Continue Reading →

The cancer mortality rate in the United States is an important step, but it is not good news

New York – The cancer mortality rate in the United States has reached an important milestone: it has been declining for at least 25 years, according to a new report. Smoking less result in fewer deaths. Advances in early detection… Continue Reading →

Exercising more after a heart attack linked to a lower mortality rate

A Swedish study suggests that people who have survived a heart attack who intensify their physical efforts may live longer than those who remain inactive. Compared to inactive patients during the 10 to 12 months following their heart attack, active… Continue Reading →

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