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Trilobites: a rare bird: a cardinal half male, half female

A bird skipping by the window lately is the weirdest Shirley and Jeffrey Caldwell have ever seen. His left side is the mole shade of female Cardinals; on the right, the scarlet signature of the males. Researchers believe that the… Continue Reading →

Researchers progress in the field of reversible male contraception

The research is in its infancy, but Chinese scientists say they use bartenders' tips to create a new reversible male contraceptive. In experiments on rats, the method was successful in preventing sexually active males from impregnating females for more than… Continue Reading →

Does male menopause exist?

Once women reach a certain age, they go on to menopause – a period when menstrual cycles end permanently and estrogen levels decline. Although this is common knowledge, many people may be surprised to learn menopause. While medical experts tend… Continue Reading →

A woman can not hear male voices, a rare condition called reverse-slope hearing loss

A woman in China made the headlines after waking up one morning and she noticed that she was suddenly unable to hear the male voices. The strange problem became evident when she realized that she could not hear her boyfriend… Continue Reading →

Is sperm the weakest link? Climate change expert warns of heat stress that can affect male fertility

Since the 1980s, more and more frequent and intense heat waves have contributed to more deaths than any other extreme weather event. Fingerprints of extreme events and climate change are prevalent in the natural world, where people respond to stress…. Continue Reading →

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