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Interval training can be a quick fix for losing weight

According to the researchers, interval training can lead to greater weight loss than continuous exercise, with Sprint Interval Training (SIT) being the most effective, researchers believe that training can also be easier to achieve for obese and older people. The… Continue Reading →

A 5-year-old quad amputee is preparing for the half marathon after losing a meningitis limb

A 5-year-old girl who lost her four limbs meningitis before the age of 1 year prepares for her first half marathon, where she will be helped by the members of her team before ending, hopefully, the last part of her… Continue Reading →

Scientists explain why losing a dog, is like losing a loved one •

Dogs can help us through many ups and downs in our lives, they are always there and sometimes they are the only ones we have. They give us a reason to get up in the morning! Even one study confirms… Continue Reading →

Reverend says "miracle" has returned to sight 14 years after losing his sight

Reverend Dunn stated that he had never lost hope that his eyesight would return after having lost it 14 years ago. (Christian Assembly of the Valley) A West Virginia Reverend said the miracle he had been waiting for for 14… Continue Reading →

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