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Deadly threat of "zombie" deer disease urges Louisiana legislator to act: "healing" is "essential"

The Republican representative, Ralph Abraham, will not wait for the dead "deer" disease, known as "zombie", to spread to his home country. Louisiana before acting. Abraham, who represents the 5th district of the state congress, recently introduced a bipartite system… Continue Reading →

Object: UK legislator blocks bill against female genital cutting

LONDON – A former British Conservative legislator has blocked a bill that would further protect girls exposed to genital mutilation, prompting criticism from across the political spectrum, with some calling it "revolting." And it was not the first time. The… Continue Reading →

Legislator: measles vaccine does not affect parents' rights

Vancouver, Wash. – A measles epidemic near Portland, Oregon, relaunched a bitter debate over so-called "philosophical" exemptions to child immunization as public health officials across the Pacific Northwest struggled to limit the fallout. At least 43 people in Washington and… Continue Reading →

US legislator opens inquiry into price of pharma drugs

WASHINGTON (Good Medical) – A leading US lawmaker on Monday launched an investigation into the pricing practices of the pharmaceutical industry less than a week after he and his Democratic colleagues introduced legislation aimed at making lower the price of… Continue Reading →

California legislator proposes bill to eliminate paper receipts • Good Medical

A California legislator has proposed a bill that would require companies to issue electronic receipts rather than paper receipts. Phil Ting (D), a member of the San Francisco Assembly, introduced the bill titled "Skip the Slip" at a press conference… Continue Reading →

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