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Heartless: a hospital and doctor accused of administering lethal doses of fentanyl

A former Ohio doctor is being investigated for prescribing "dramatically excessive and potentially life-threatening" doses of an extremely potent drug, fentanyl, to dozens of patients who subsequently die. Dr. William Husel was fired in December and Mount Carmel Hospital announced… Continue Reading →

Sepsis is a common cause of death in the hospital

According to a new report, sepsis, a life-threatening reaction to infection, is a common cause of death in hospitals. The study involved 568 people who died in hospitals and whose average age was 70 years old. More than half of… Continue Reading →

Leave the hospital early can double the chances of coming back

(Good Medical Health) – A large-scale US study reveals that patients who come out of the hospital against the advice of a doctor are twice as likely to return within 30 days as those who leave when doctors say they… Continue Reading →

A pharmacy officer leaves the hospital while he examines an overdose

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Good Medical) – The Ohio hospital system that found a doctor ordered possibly fatal doses powerful painkillers for dozens of patients has tightened drug policies and access to solve pharmaceutical service issues that jeopardize the participation of two… Continue Reading →

Hospital mergers improve health? The evidence shows the opposite

Many things affect your health. Genetic. Way of life. Modern medicine. The environment in which you live and work. However, even if we rarely consider it, the degree of competition among health care organizations also does. Markets for both hospitals… Continue Reading →

102 women in IT health to know | 2019 – Becker Hospital Review •

Staff – Thursday, February 7, 2019 <a target = "_ blank" href = " & print = 1 & layout = default "data-tracking =" print "title =" Print the article < 102 women in health IT to know | 2019... Continue Reading →

Dangerous bacteria can hide in the sinks of the hospital

By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter Thursday, February 7, 2019 (HealthDay News) – Germ detectives in hospitals say washbasins next to toilets in patients' rooms can harbor potentially harmful bacteria. Medical College of Wisconsin researchers examine a large Wisconsin hospital Klebsiella… Continue Reading →

Dangerous bacteria can persist in the sinks of the hospital

Hospitals detectives say that sinks next to toilets in patients' rooms can harbor potentially harmful bacteria. Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin have examined carbapenemase Klebsiella pneumoniae in a large hospital in Wisconsin. CPK is a type of bacteria… Continue Reading →

A Colorado woman who said the hospital had removed healthy kidneys dies 9 months later

The 73 year old woman who had both his kidneys healthy kidnapped in what she had claimed to be a wrong procedure died nine months after the surgery. Linda Woolley, who was undergoing four hours of dialysis three days a… Continue Reading →

How to avoid being a victim of errors at the hospital

When the star of tennis Andy Murray posted a hospital photo on Instagram last week, the reaction was fast. Not for the overpayment, but for what some doctors have said to be medical errors, including poorly placed intravenous and shaved… Continue Reading →

Some hospital prices have increased by more than 40% in less than ten years. Will this new rule help? • Good Medical

For years, health care costs in the United States have been rising and are an important part of the national economy. But what's driving up those costs right now? A new study published in Health Affairs on Monday could help… Continue Reading →

A teenage girl who walked while she was alive returned home from the hospital

Now, with determination and a willing attitude, the student from North High School in Wichita, Kansas, is happy to finally be home. "It helps us a lot to have a goal in mind and use it to motivate you and… Continue Reading →

Conditions acquired at the hospital continue to decline

National efforts to address hospital-acquired diseases such as drug-related adverse events and healthcare-associated infections have averted 20,500 hospital deaths and saved 7 , $ 7 billion in health care costs from 2014 to 2017, according to new data from the… Continue Reading →

Antibiotics linked to long stays at the hospital for asthma

Use of antibiotics in hospitalized patients for asthma Exacerbations can lead to longer stays in the hospital and increased costs, without reducing the risk of treatment failure, according to a study. published online January 28th in JAMA Internal Medicine. "These… Continue Reading →

The hospital charges thousands of men who fainted

This story is from Kaiser Health News Matt Gleason had avoided being vaccinated against the flu for over a decade. But after suffering from the virus last winter, he decided to get a shot at his workplace in Charlotte, NC… Continue Reading →

Middlesbrough's psychiatric hospital patient "felt like a caged animal" • Good Medical

Multimedia playback is not supported on your device Media legendWait Wilthew said she was inflicted on herself and tried to commit suicide One teenager stated that she felt like a "caged animal" during a four-year period spent in a psychiatric… Continue Reading →

New York City woman sues hospital after reported confusion over end-of-life assistance

Shirell Powell is suing the wrong identity case at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, claiming that she and other loved ones had suffered more than a month of grief. useless. (Google) A woman in New York is prosecute a… Continue Reading →

Texas plans $ 320 million psychiatric hospital in San Antonio

AUSTIN, Texas (Good Medical) – According to Texas officials, San Antonio will receive a new $ 320 million psychiatric hospital to replace sloping floors and sagging foundations. The Texas Board of Health and Social Services released this week the design… Continue Reading →

Latest news: doctor's license suspended after the death of a hospital

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Good Medical) – According to the latest news, Ohio hospital patients have received potentially fatal doses of pain medications (all local times): 15:30. The Ohio Medical Council has suspended the license of a doctor accused of ordering dozens… Continue Reading →

An Ohio doctor's license suspended following the examination of deaths at the hospital

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Good Medical) – The Ohio Medical Council on Friday suspended the license of a doctor accused of ordering pain medication at excessive and potentially lethal doses to dozens of unintentionally hospitalized patients of their families. William Husel invoked… Continue Reading →

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