Drug For Treatment of Impotence

Dealing with impotence and erectile dysfunction can be very exasperating. More often than not, the problem is caused by a physical problem. If this is the case, then your doctor can provide you with a medication that will aid your ailment. There are a range of drugs that are available to remedy impotence issues and here are several choices available to you.


Levitra is an oral drug that is used to help treat either erectile dysfunction or impotence. It blocks specific enzymes and helps men who have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection by stimulating blood flow to the penis. However, like with most drugs in this category, there are some considerations and side effects to be wary of. Some of the side effects include heartburn, vision changes, runny nose, headaches and nausea. If you ever experience a sudden loss of eyesight or abnormal heartbeat when taking this drug, you bought to seek medical aid without delay.


Viagra is an oral drug treatment used to remedy impotence and erectile dysfunction. Like the other oral treatments, such as Cialis and Levitra, it helps to improve blood flow to the penis as well. This drug is to be swallowed and should not be taken more than once each day. A few side effects associated with Viagra include stomach upset, lightheadedness, dirrhea, headache and changes in vision.


A different drug treatment for impotence is Cialis, which works by blocking an enzyme in the body. This helps to improve the blood flow to the penis to get more powerful erections and to last longer during intercourse. This drug is taken orally. When you take this drug, you should avoid grapefruit juice while taking the drug. A few of the side effects include muscle pain, stomach upset, leg pain, headaches, back pain and dizziness.

Muse Urth

While the previous three drug treatments for impotence were to be taken orally, Muse Urth is actually a suppository that is inserted straight into the penis. Typically, the medication will begin to work within 5 to 10 minutes. Some of the side effects that may be experienced include rapid heart rate, dizziness, pain in the testicles, bleeding from the penis, swelling and pain in the groin. If you get any of these side effects, you should let your doctor know without delay.

Caverject ICav

Caverject ICav is a treatment that is injected into the penis. It helps to improve blood flow to the penis to help get and hold an erection. When giving yourself these injections, it is imperative that you always use a different injection site. The drug will start to work within 5 to 20 minutes. There are a few side effects that you may experience when using Caverject ICav, including moderate pain, irritation and bleeding at the site of injection.

Symptoms and Treatments For Different Types Of Headaches

No matter who you are, you may have experienced a headache once in your life. The degree of pain that can come with them can vary depending on the headache itself. This short article is here to give you some information into the different types of headaches that you may have experienced once in your life. Here are just some to name.

Migraines are one of the first headboards that everyone may know of. Migraines are a severe headache that pulses or throbs hard through the skull. When a person experiences one of these heads, they tend to have a sensitivity to sound and light. Migraines also have a tendency to make the person who is suffering from them to become sick and vomit.

Cluster headaches are known as probably the most painful of all headaches. The attacks of the cluster headache come in what is said as groups. When a person experience this type, they usually find that the headache may come and go up to 4 or more times a day. These usually come with very little or no warning signs beforehand and can last up to 45 minutes in length.

Another type of headache is the one that is typically set off from hormones. These headache usually occur in women and this can be caused by certain stages of pregnancy, PMS and menstrual cycle, to menopause. The severity of these headings can vary depending on the individual. Although some causes have said that they have had migraines before their period and during menopause or pregnancy.

Tension type is another form of headache that can be painful. This headache is related to stress and emotions that may cause tension with the muscles. These usually occur when the muscles around the head and neck become tight and hard to loosen. The pain from these can be different depending on the individual.

Sinus headaches occurs when the sinus is inflamed. This may occur when you have allergies, cancer or an infection of some sort. These headers are located around the nose region and can cause a dull ache. This headache usually goes away when treatment for the it has been given.

There are many different headaches, and with the right treatment you can beat the pain. If you find that your ache is lasting a couple of days, then you should see your doctor for a check up. This will eliminate any serious problems that may be causing these headaches.

Stopping Migraine Headaches – The ABCs of Treatment

More than 90% of people with migraines experience some disability related to their headaches. If you’re one of them, you know how high a price you pay: missing school, work, and enjoyable activities, not to mention enduring hours or days of incapacitating pain.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to abort a migraine. The first step-if you haven’t already done so-is to have your migraines diagnosed by a doctor. Less than 60% of people have. Some effective abortive treatments are available only by prescription, so you may be enduring needless pain by not seeing a doctor.

Start keeping a headache journal. Make sure to identify the activities you miss because of migraines. Doctors are more likely to prescribe specific and effective treatments if they’re aware that your headaches prevent you from continuing your typical activities.

Effective strategies for treating migraines vary from person to person. You might need to try a variety of techniques before you find the ones that work best for you. Many people treat migraines in a ‘step-wise’ manner, beginning with non-medicinal strategies and progressing to medications if their pain isn’t relieved.

(The Information below about over-the-counter and prescription medications comes from clinical guidelines developed by the US Headache Consortium, a collaboration between several medical organizations.)

Non-medicinal strategies

Lying down in a quiet, dark room can reduce pain, since migraines are often accompanied by intense sensitivity to light and noise. Relaxation techniques, such as listening to meditation tapes and deep breathing, can help you fall asleep, which can interrupt the migraine cycle. Some people find that cold packs applied to the head, face, or neck help, too.

Herbal treatments

Feverfew, or bachelor’s button, has become increasingly popular as a treatment for migraine. Most people suggest that it’s best used on a regular basis to prevent migraines, as opposed to being a reliable abortive treatment.

Over-the-counter pain medications

NSAIDs, which stands for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, includes aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. All are effective in treating migraine headaches. Effervescent aspirin is a particularly effective form for controlling pain in migraines. Some people also find that consuming caffeine-in chocolate, coffee, or cola-reduces the intensity of their headache.

Combination over-the-counter medications that contain acetaminophen (known as paracetamol outside the US), aspirin, and caffeine are also effective at aborting migraines. Some evidence suggests that this combination of drugs is more effective than a prescription triptan-type medication at aborting the pain of migraine.

NSAIDs have significant side effects, including stomach upset and potential kidney damage. Frequent use of can also result in ‘rebound’ headaches. Guidelines suggest that the use of NSAIDs shouldn’t be used for headache pain more than twice a week.

Triptan medications

This class of medications binds to serotonin receptors in the blood vessels of the brain, causing them to constrict and limiting the release of inflammatory substances. Triptan medications that the US Headache Consortium recommends for first-line migraine treatment include:

o sumatriptan (Imitrex®)

o naratriptan (Amerge®, Naramig®)

o zolmitriptan (Zomig®), and

o rizatriptan (Maxalt®)

Newer triptans are also available, including eletriptan (Relpax®), almotriptan (Axert®, Almogran®), and frovatriptan (Frova®, Migard®). Studies evaluating their effectiveness are still in the works; as this data becomes available, these medications can be expected to join the other triptans on the Headache Consortium’s ‘A’ list.

Triptans are available in the US by prescription only and are substantially more expensive than either over-the-counter medications or ergot drugs. Frequent use of triptans can also cause rebound headaches, and side effects can include flushing of the face, tingling, dizziness, or a sudden feeling of warmth

Ergot drugs

Ergotamine-containing drugs, such as Cafergot®, have a long history of use in treating migraines. Ergotamine also binds to serotonin receptor sites in the blood vessels, causing constriction. Some experts suggest that ergot drugs should be given as a rectal suppository, because absorption is better.

Ergotamine-containing drugs are available by prescription only. Frequent use can cause rebound headaches, and side effects can include upset stomach or vomiting.

Relieve Headaches With EFT

There is nothing worse than a headache in the workday. The pounding appeals any chance to have a logical thought or to stay focused in a meeting. It is a challenge to finish a phone conversation or complete the project facing you. Luckily, there is a simple tool that you can easily learn to relieve stress and tension.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is an amazing tool discovered by Gary Craig. It is a procedure that is simple to learn and many of my clients need just one session to empower themselves to use it regularly. By tapping on certain energy points of the body, the energy is balanced and pain and dis-ease is often relieved.

Recently I had the chance to flex my EFT muscles with my husband, a computer engineer who is a very logical person and uncertain when it comes to alternative healing techniques. I called him at work one morning to see how he was. He said he had a really bad headache which was only getting worse. I offered to try the EFT over the phone, saying all he had to do was tap a meridian point on his hand. He reluctantly agreed, since the head appeared to be mounting. When asked, he rated the pain at about a 7 and climbing.

I find the EFT extremely effective over the phone and so we tapped on particular points of his body as we spoke.

After one round of tapping with my husband, there was no difference. This is where the "Emotional" aspect of EFT walks in. So often, so many of our physical ailments have to do with an emotion we are currently feeling. I knew there must be an emotion causing his headache, so I asked him how work was going. "Oh, it's very overwhelming right now. We have a huge project due at the end of the month and there's just so much to do." I suggested we try EFT again, this time tapping and thinking on the overwhelming feelings.

After one round, I asked him how he was feeling. I heard a chuckle of disbelief on the phone. "I can not believe it." My headache pain is about a 4. " I offered to do more and after two more rounds, his head was at a 0.

The power of this technique is thrilling for me, a healer who wants to effectively help people. I'm humble to have stumbled into this healing tool and grateful to integrate it into my healing practice.

Reduce Your Accounting Headache With Multiple Monitors

The busy accounting season is upon us, and you know that that means. Right now, all over the country, there are thousands of CPAs hate their lives. They are preparing themselves for 16-20 hour days, angry clients and IRS headaches. Accounting offices all over the country are seeing a sudden influx of unorganized documents from new and existing clients, and have to go through piles old records to get everything in order just to even start the real work. What's worse, they only have three months to do so. For most accountants, this is also not a time in which they want to be worried about their computers. But although this is the best time to worry about your computer. Ever heard the phrase work smarter, not harder? Well, a multi monitor system can help you do that. If you do not already own one, be prepared to utter the phrase "I wish I would have bought this earlier", once you do. Studies have shown that adding a second monitor to your workspace can lead to an upwards of 30% increase in productivity.

With a multi monitor system, your work would no longer be slowed down by having to constantly minimize and maximize windows. The number of possibilities is near infinite. Imagine being able to simultaneously compare previous years numbers to current year numbers, having multiple excel worksheets open at once, or even a digital copy of IRS statutes one on screen. With as few as two screens, the possibilities open up. Imagine also being able to open QuickBooks on one screen while simultaneously having online banking open on another. Being able to get your clients returns out the door as soon as possible, means that you can service more clients in a shorter amount of time. In turn, this means more money in your pocket. Based on the rates my accountant charged me last year, the entire computer system is paid for with an increase of only five clients.

In the past, multi monitor configurations were seen as cost prohibitive, and difficult to configure, purchase, and support. Now you can purchase an entire plugin n 'play multi monitor package with displays and a powerful workstation for under $ 1,900. For those that prefer a mobile setup, there are also expansion options for new or existing notebooks

For more information on how multiple monitors can help reduce the stress in your life, please visit Digital Tigers