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Are you affected by the closure of the government? Here's how to tell your kids

As the Government judgment extends into his second month with no resolution in sight, how can we talk to our kids about what's going on? Families of government employees found themselves without pay for more than a month, which made… Continue Reading →

Government shutdown undermines US safety net •

While the partial closure of the government lasts in a month, government programs to help some of the most vulnerable people in the country face widespread uncertainty and some say they are running out of money. Interested in closing the… Continue Reading →

9 key questions about the longest government shutdown in history, answered • Good Medical

It costs the management of the government money, and it is up to Congress to manage the purse strings. While the government is in the middle of its third stop under the leadership of President Donald Trump – the longest… Continue Reading →

Are there any foods you should avoid during the government shutdown? It depends on who you ask

The answer is complicated and it depends on who you ask. The US Food and Drug Administration resumed on Tuesday some food safety inspections that had stopped since the start of the government shutdown on December 22. Inspectors who are… Continue Reading →

Senators are paid during the closure of the government. Many low-wage entrepreneurs are not. • Good Medical

The partial closure of the government should affect a particularly hard working group … and it is not a member of Congress. Approximately 800,000 government employees have already started running out of paychecks because of the closure of their business… Continue Reading →

What is open and closed during a partial government shutdown • Good Medical

This is officially the 22nd day of the longest government closure ever undertaken – and its effects are becoming more evident. The deadline of December 21 to finance part of the government, including the State Department, the Ministry of Justice,… Continue Reading →

The last 20 government stops, explained • Good Medical

We are currently in the middle of the longest government stop in American history. With 22 full days of delay on Sunday 13 January and no clear end in sight, the 2018-2019 judgment has survived that of 1995 (which ended… Continue Reading →

Why so many people who need the government hate it • Good Medical

"The government is not the solution to our problem. the government is the problem. " President Ronald Reagan made these words in his inaugural speech to the country in 1981. He spoke more particularly of the role of the government… Continue Reading →

How Government Closure Could Affect Your Health •

Food inspections, assessment of the health effects of toxic chemicals and financial assistance for the grocery store – all are services provided by the federal government and are now collapsed by the partial closure of the government. The US Food… Continue Reading →

Stress and anxiety weigh on government employees as closure continues

The partial shutdown of the federal government affects approximately 800,000 federal employeesmany of which will not receive their paychecks this weekend even as they continue to work. About 51,000 of these employees work for TSA, including Brian Turner, a 27-year-old… Continue Reading →

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