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A "possessed" woman was actually fighting a brain condition related to ovarian growth •

WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURE BELOW A woman suffering from convulsions, hallucinations and paranoia for more than two months finally found relief after the doctors discovered massive growth of her ovary, which triggered a rare autoimmune disease in her brain . Lorina… Continue Reading →

Soldier saves man's life with a ballpoint pen, Saints Hoodie •

Sgt. Troney was returning home to Mississippi when he witnessed a car accident that caused a critically injured victim. (Staff Sergeant Killo Gibson) A 20-year-old army hero saved the life of a Texas man after fabricating an improvised medical device… Continue Reading →

The flu is rife in California and in other states, but the impact on the country is more moderate, according to the data – Fox News •

While states such as California and North Carolina have experienced a significant number of influenza-related deaths this season, US health officials said on Friday that the national impact of influenza appeared to be more moderate than that of the US…. Continue Reading →

Instagram star reveals difficulties with a rare disorder where muscle turns into bone •

Instagram star Zoe Buxton talked about her rare disease and how she turned to fashion to get out of it. (Instagram) An Instagram star opened up about her rare illness and how she turned to fashion to help her cope… Continue Reading →

Analgesics for dogs and cats could aggravate the opioid crisis in humans: study •

The study was conducted by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Veterinary Medicine. (IStock) A new study suggests that painkillers prescribed for pets could possibly contribute to the opioid crisis… Continue Reading →

Fishing trips are great for mental health, says new study •

If you feel depressed or exhausted, it may be time to dive back into nature. According to Niels Eék, psychologist and co-founder of the Remente platform on mental wellness and self-development, spending time in nature can be the key to… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Confirms Rat Lungworm Disease in Infant on Big Island •

What is the rat lung worm? A parasitic worm that can infect your brain with meningitis spreads across Florida. The rat lungworm lives in rats and snails and people can become infected by eating snails, slugs, freshwater prawns, crabs, frogs… Continue Reading →

Sarah Hyland says "very close" to suicide in the middle of a health battle •

Sarah Hyland, star of Modern Family, spoke about depression and the fight against health. (Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images) Sarah Hyland is open on her fight against depression by addressing a variety of health issues, including two kidney transplants…. Continue Reading →

Mom remembers the horror of cesarean section when a scar was split several days after birth •

A Scottish mother said she sat on her couch and said, "Oh my God, I'm holding my intestines", after her scar healed two days after her daughter was born in 2011. "Everyone was asking me," What were you doing? "But… Continue Reading →

A woman in a vegetative state may not have shown signs of pregnancy before birth, says an expert •

While the investigation into the impregnation of a woman in a vegetative state for nearly a decade continues, at least one expert stated that it was possible that staff members were not aware of the Imminent delivery because the patient… Continue Reading →

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