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Oil, Agriculture and Imperialism: Avoiding the Fast Lane to Armageddon? • Good Medical

Written by Colin Todhunter via, The US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has more or less acknowledged that the current destabilization of Venezuela was tantamount to seizing its oil. He recently said: We are looking at oil assets …… Continue Reading →

Trump, fan of fast food, "very good health" •

Washington (AFP) – President Donald Trump, who likes to confuse health experts with his cravings for junk food and lack of exercise, is "in very good health," said his doctor on Friday. result of an annual health check. "I am… Continue Reading →

11 tips to lose weight fast, even if you are a real lazybone •

How many times do we start saying that we are going on a diet next Monday or just before an important event? And we have always abandoned the idea, because we are not ready to make a lot of effort…. Continue Reading →

"Very irresponsible:" An Israeli company claims to cure cancer, but scientists say it's not that fast •

A team of scientists from a biotechnology company in Israel said that they would have a cure for cancer – all cancers – within one year. Unfortunately, their claims have been slaughtered by scientists. jump – Haaretz Weekly Ep. 14… Continue Reading →

Weight loss: should it be fast or slow for better health?

The prevalence of obesity in the United States has experienced a constant increase over the past two decades, affecting both adults and children. Highlighting the need for effective weight loss programs and informed recommendations, one question often arises: how quickly… Continue Reading →

The controversy around the Trumps football fast food feast, explains • Good Medical

When President Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers, the national champions of college football, at the White House on January 14, he served them burgers, pizzas and fries from some of the most famous institutions in the United States. fast food… Continue Reading →

Treat yourself to 11 fast food items that will not destroy your diet

No matter what diet you use, you may be attracted to fast food. But before you get into this lane of traffic or get inside to indulge in guilty pleasure, read this and know that you have options that will… Continue Reading →

Fast food companies spend disproportionately billions of dollars on minority youth, according to a study •

New research shows junk food and fast food companies are spending billions of dollars on advertising for young people from ethnic minorities. (IStock) Junk food companies have spent billions of dollars on advertising in 2017, targeting black and Hispanic children,… Continue Reading →

American fast food chains offering healthier options for kids

(Good Medical Health) – Healthier meals and beverages have been added to fast food restaurants in the United States over the last decade, but health combinations are still rarely offered as a default option, according to researchers. "For many families,… Continue Reading →

Safe fast food meal for diabetics

Despite the recalls that stopped salad sales at 3,000 McDonald's restaurants in 13 states earlier this year, experts say it's still possible to eat healthy at the popular fast food restaurant. With 37,000 McDonald's sites around the world, it's likely… Continue Reading →

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