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Short series of intense exercises are "best for weight loss" • Good Medical

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend According to researchers, sprint interval training is the most effective way to lose weight One study suggests that high intensity training bursts (Hiit) may be more effective for weight loss than longer and… Continue Reading →

8 popular exercises that can be dangerous for you and how to replace them •

Some exercises can cause more damage than progress to your health, creating problems such as unnecessary tension in the neck, spine and shoulders, or excessive stress on the joints. There are also exercises that are so inefficient that you will… Continue Reading →

Doctors have shared exercises to prolong our life and overcome fatigue, and we can not thank them enough. •

Before Western medical treatment was introduced in China, traditional Chinese medicine had been used to save millions of Chinese lives for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese doctors have often suggested using simple actions and behaviors to help people have a… Continue Reading →

NHS must prescribe exercises and illustrations for its patients • Good Medical

Legend Arif was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and joined an exercise club to lose weight The number of workers trained to prescribe social activities, such as exercise groups and art classes, to general practitioners who do not need pills, should increase,… Continue Reading →

Three Advantages (and Three Precautions) Winter Outdoor Exercises • Good Medical

Research has shown that regular exercise in cold weather can increase by 45% the production of brown fat burning calories and significantly increase metabolism. This can be helpful in preventing winter weight that often builds up due to reduced daily… Continue Reading →

Breathing exercises in 10 minutes that you can use to lose weight •

Weight loss does not always require eating tasteless salads and regular visits to a gym. The shape of your desired body can be achieved more easily – by simply deep breathing. Combined with simple physical exercises, deep breathing can help… Continue Reading →

10 exercises to burn belly fat without running •

Belly fat looks ugly, but it's the least of the worries you should have if you have a belly on which you can not rule. Without control, it can manifest itself in other serious diseases and have long-term adverse effects… Continue Reading →

The best exercises for your age – according to science

Julie Broderick, Trinity College Dublin The effect of exercise on health is profound. It can protect you from a variety of conditions, including cardiac disease, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers. But the type and amount of exercise you should… Continue Reading →

8 exercises to relieve your back pain that will only take 10 minutes •

Back pain affects about half of working Americans each year. But do not be afraid – in most cases, this type of pain is usually mechanical or non-organic. This means that it is not caused by serious health problems and… Continue Reading →

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