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I am a founder with OCD, here is why I do not hide it from my employees •

Despite my difficulties, I ran a creative agency in New York that worked with leading brands in entertainment, sports and media. My lifestyle was on fire. At night, I prepared myself and sometimes, I dragged my arms on sharp objects… Continue Reading →

Stress and anxiety weigh on government employees as closure continues

The partial shutdown of the federal government affects approximately 800,000 federal employeesmany of which will not receive their paychecks this weekend even as they continue to work. About 51,000 of these employees work for TSA, including Brian Turner, a 27-year-old… Continue Reading →

Government Closure: What Happens to Health Insurance for Federal Employees?

This is a story of Kaiser Health News. Interested in closing the government? Add the government's ruling to ABC's latest news, video and analysis of the government's decision. As the partial closure of the government continues, about 800,000 federal employees… Continue Reading →

Starbucks will install reuse boxes in some stores after employees have expressed concerns about their health regarding discarded syringes • Good Medical

Starbucks plans to install needle removal boxes in some locations after employees worry about the number of used needles thrown into bathrooms and other areas across the country. Employees were concerned about the frequency with which employees uncovered unsealed needles… Continue Reading →

FDA employees think closure could be deadly

The activities of the agency "continue to the extent permitted by law", according to the FDA website, meaning "activities necessary to deal with imminent threats to the security of life and human activities" [are] financed by use carryover funds "…. Continue Reading →

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