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Health spending on track to eat 1 US dollar out of 5

Americans are already spending more on health care than citizens of any other country. This gap is expected to widen, with health spending expected to absorb nearly 20% of gross domestic product by 2027. The increase in health spending will… Continue Reading →

Health spending on track to eat 1 US dollar out of 5 •

Americans are already spending more on health care than citizens of any other country. This gap is expected to widen, with health spending expected to absorb nearly 20% of gross domestic product by 2027. The rise in health care spending… Continue Reading →

Can you eat your way to improve mental health? Study says yes

A study of Australia in 2016, there was an improvement in psychological well-being after an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption. We wanted to know if this finding was true using a larger sample (over 40,000 participants) of the longitudinal… Continue Reading →

I can not eat a lot of meat according to the planetary diet, but I feel better when I do it •

Photo: Good Medical Like many other Americans, I love meat. As a climate journalist, this is one of my biggest difficulties, because I know that our love affair with meat is devastating. The health planetary diet I have been eating… Continue Reading →

Eat a lot of meat linked to a higher risk of liver disease

(Good Medical Health) – According to a Dutch study, people who consume a lot of animal protein are more likely to have excess fat in the liver and a higher risk of liver disease than individuals whose protein is the… Continue Reading →

Cory Booker, Vegan's presidential candidate, says Earth can not support people who eat meat

The presidential candidate and senator vegan said Cory Booker (D-N.J.) Said in an interview that the Earth "can not maintain" the current rate of meat consumption by Americans. While he insisted that he was not going to tell people what… Continue Reading →

What scientists advise to eat based on your blood type •

It is actually quite easy to know your blood type. You only need 3 test tubes containing 3 different reagents containing 3 different antibodies: A, B and Rh. And a blood sample, of course. Pour blood into each test tube… Continue Reading →

5 foods to eat during the winter

The colder months mean less sunlight, fewer products available and a higher risk of many health problems. Fortunately, here are some foods and drinks that you can consume to avoid nutritional deficiencies and protect yourself from disease. 1. Spicy Tuna… Continue Reading →

11 tips to check what you really eat •

Poor food products can not only have an unpleasant taste, but they can also cause health problems, making the choice of good foods very important. For example, forchlorfenuron, used to increase the size and weight of a watermelon, can cause… Continue Reading →

What should you eat the day after the Super Bowl? An omelette and a soup, say experts in nutrition

Ashley May UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 11:46 am EST January 31, 2019 On the Monday following the Super Bowl, some people will wake up with a hangover and will regret eating buckets of high-calorie foods…. Continue Reading →

Scientists say that eating nuts will improve the quality of your sperm. But if we have to eat our nuts, what's the point? (nsfw content possible on the page) •

The study, funded by the International Council of Dried Fruits and Dried Fruits, found that almonds, along with other nuts, are the best types of nuts to promote male fertility. The researchers found that consuming 60 grams or two servings… Continue Reading →

Eat what you want and always slim? Thank your genes

By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter Thursday, January 24, 2019 (HealthDay News) – While some people are fighting all their lives in the "battle of the bulge," others seem to stay slim without effort. And now, scientists say everything comes down… Continue Reading →

Is it ok to eat just before a workout?

Eat or not to eat? That is the question. Ask a dozen different people who regularly exercise on their point of view to eat before a workout and you will get as many answers. Some swear by some type of… Continue Reading →

If you are on Keto, here's what to eat before working

Getty ImagesDenia Fernandez If you think of a snack before training, you will not really think about peanut butter. Instead, we learned that eating a good amount of carbohydrate before training would help us improve our performance and last longer… Continue Reading →

11 foods that you should never eat beyond their expiration dates

Looking for something to eat in the fridge? Before trying your luck with this article that has been around for a few days (or longer!), You should know that there are foods that you should never eat after their expiration… Continue Reading →

5 foods you should never eat raw

Due to cross contamination or toxic quality, it is best to avoid many foods and ingredients in raw or undercooked state. Here are five that you should know. 1. cookie dough Last month, the Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention… Continue Reading →

The possibility of diabetes increases when teens do not eat enough fiber

An American study suggests that most teens consume far less fiber than is recommended, and this nutritional deficit could lead to a higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure in the future. The researchers interviewed 754 teenagers in Augusta,… Continue Reading →

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