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How conversational AI can help heal the burnout of doctors • Good Medical

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " Physician burnout is one of the most serious problems in the medical profession today. The Agency for Health Research and Quality defines the disease as "a long-term stress response caused by emotional exhaustion… Continue Reading →

Doctors have been prescribing fentanyl to bad patients for years, new study finds

Prescription fentanyl, a very powerful immediate release medicine for people with advanced cancer who have been on opioid treatmentwas improperly prescribed to persons who did not meet the criteria, says a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Researchers,… Continue Reading →

Doctors call for action against the root causes of drug shortages

Physicians and others in the health sector increasingly express their frustration at an insufficient supply of essential medicines for hospitals and urge private companies and US officials to take action to address the root causes of these chronic shortages of… Continue Reading →

UK doctors call for caution in the use of screens and social networks by children

LONDON – Although Silicon Valley was worried about the impact of technology exposure on young people, Britain's top doctors on Thursday released tips for families on social media and screen use. Their orders: leave the phones outside the room. Meals… Continue Reading →

Loneliness poisons doctors … but patches are available

At a time when technology would make work "easier" and where efficiency was a top priority, loneliness was invading physicians' lives, compromising their mental and physical health and the quality of care provided to their patients, according to two recent… Continue Reading →

Doctors discuss the opportunity to stop calling cancer of low-risk tumors

(Good Medical Health) – Some doctors believe that some tumors called "cancer" are not life threatening and should instead call for something else. When patients are diagnosed with cancer, they become naturally anxious. But with modern medicine, some tumors have… Continue Reading →

Before judging "late abortion", understand what it means, say doctors

Dr. Barbara Levy: The term "late abortion" is medically inaccurate and has no clinical significance. In science and medicine, it is essential to use language accurately. During pregnancy, being "late" means having more than 41 weeks of pregnancy or the… Continue Reading →

6 Ideas That Doctors Need to Better Explain to Their Patients • Good Medical

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " "Natural" does not always mean better. Getty When I was a medical student and resident, I focused on learning the medications I would use to treat patients. I spent far too little time… Continue Reading →

Doctors have shared exercises to prolong our life and overcome fatigue, and we can not thank them enough. •

Before Western medical treatment was introduced in China, traditional Chinese medicine had been used to save millions of Chinese lives for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese doctors have often suggested using simple actions and behaviors to help people have a… Continue Reading →

Providing free sanitary products to all hospitals, says the union of doctors • Good Medical

Copyright of the image Getty Images In the UK, two out of five hospital trusts and boards of health do not provide hygienic products to patients who need them, or only in case of emergency, revealed a BMA survey. The… Continue Reading →

Doctors: How a woman has changed what doctors know about heart attacks

Her doctors also told her that the only thing she could do to avoid SCAD in the future was to never get pregnant again. But trying to find out more about the disease that nearly cost her life, she went… Continue Reading →

Doctors remove the pin from the stomach of a girl after accidentally swallowing while talking

The teenager had spoken to her sister and had forgotten that the pin was between her teeth. (SWNS) The doctors managed to pull a long pin from stomach of a teenager after she accidentally swallowed talking with her between her… Continue Reading →

Doctors Describe Treatment Options for Adolescent Depression

When a teenager is diagnosed with depression, it is normal for parents to feel overwhelmed and that they are looking for information on the best treatment options, write a new resource for patients published in JAMA Pediatrics. Although depression affects… Continue Reading →

Doctors and nurses draw different lines to know when to lie

Physicians are much more likely than advanced practice nurses (APRNs) to find the lie to patients on some acceptable issues, according to a new Medscape Survey . When asked if it was acceptable to lie to patients about a medical… Continue Reading →

A conversation with: Caroline Elton helps doctors heal themselves

Caroline Elton, 61, is a London-based psychologist with an unusual practice. His patients are unhappy doctors in their work. We talked for two hours on a recent afternoon in New York. A modified and condensed version of our conversation follows…. Continue Reading →

Prosecutor: Drug founder motivated by greed to bribe doctors

The federal prosecutor told a juror on Monday that the wealthy founder of a drug company had decided to bribe doctors all over the country to prescribe a highly addictive fentanyl spray to overshadow his rivals. and to make their… Continue Reading →

Caroline Elton helps doctors treat themselves

Caroline Elton, 61, is a London-based psychologist with an unusual practice. His patients are unhappy doctors in their work. We talked for two hours on a recent afternoon in New York. A modified and condensed version of our conversation follows…. Continue Reading →

Survey: about half of doctors plan a career change due to insurers

Doctors are almost unanimous in blaming insurance plans for worsening the situation of patients in need of care, and many are considering leaving the profession altogether, according to a survey of Target Alliance. The company has spoken to hundreds of… Continue Reading →

Doctors share a belly card that reveals everything that can hurt the stomach •

Abdominal pain is one of the most common health problems. We all experience it from time to time. There are many different reasons to explain the pain in this area. That is why it is crucial to identify the problem… Continue Reading →

Some doctors should see their license revoked •

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered in the morning on weekdays. SUBSCRIBE January 27, 2019, 9:01 pm GMT By Lauren Dunn and Linda Carroll Alyssa Hernandez often worries about her… Continue Reading →

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