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Can you use medical marijuana if you are diabetic?

Last year, the FDA recognized a new drug epilepsy made from the CBD of marijuana, also called cannabidiol. This means that the marijuana plant can have a confirmed medical use after all. So what about marijuana for medical purposes and… Continue Reading →

This diabetic federal worker rationed her insulin during the closing because the debt was more frightening than the death

"I thought that there was no end in sight for the closing.I can not afford to pay an ambulance bill.I can not afford to Go to the emergency immediately, because I know that other bills will come to us, "explained… Continue Reading →

Diet soda linked to the risk of diabetic blindness

January 8, 2019 – Drinking diet soda can increase the risk of serious diabetes eye disease that can lead to blindness, a new study says. The study, published in Clinical and experimental ophthalmology, is the first to evaluate the link… Continue Reading →

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