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Protect yourself against deadly sepsis

Sepsis is a devious and deadly complication of the fight against infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the immune system is overloaded, releasing chemicals into the body to fight off the infection. This causes a… Continue Reading →

Britain promises legislation in 2019 to fight deadly air pollution •

LONDON (Good Medical) – Britain has pledged Monday to tackle air pollution and adopt new legislation this year on air quality in order to save lives and improve air quality. to save billions of pounds sterling for the economy. The… Continue Reading →

The deadly condition caused by lack of sleep

Six o'clock: It's the minimum amount of sleep per night you need for your heart to stay healthy, according to a new study. The study found that chronic lack of sleep and a poor quality of sleep increased the risk… Continue Reading →

New national data on thyroid storms: a rare but deadly emergency

Thyroid storm, although rare, occurs in approximately one of six hospitalized patients with a major diagnosis of thyrotoxicosis, but the disease is associated with a 12-fold higher mortality rate than thyrotoxicosis without a thyroid storm, according to new research. "Emergency… Continue Reading →

FDA employees think closure could be deadly

The activities of the agency "continue to the extent permitted by law", according to the FDA website, meaning "activities necessary to deal with imminent threats to the security of life and human activities" [are] financed by use carryover funds "…. Continue Reading →

Mom's vision loss rejected as a symptom of pregnancy was actually a deadly brain tumor

Emma Bullin had her first blurred vision in 2003 when she was pregnant with her daughter Paige. (SWNS) A mother in the United Kingdom whose tumor has stolen her eyes believes that the girl she has never seen helps save… Continue Reading →

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