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The "Queen of Salt" at the service of the health of a country

Fatick, Senegal – Marie Diouf, 35, speaks quickly in Wolof, a lyrical Senegalese language, while salt is running at full speed. Dressed in a red boubou, a long traditional dress, Diouf makes a striking figure in an otherwise faded landscape… Continue Reading →

Men across the country trolling Adam Levine and his infamous tattoos

The Super Bowl is over for a long time, but everyone is still talking about it Maroon 5's controversial half-time show. More specifically, people can not overcome the body art of the main singer Adam Levine revealed when he stripped… Continue Reading →

Abortion in the honor, a multitude of laws across the country

The Supreme Court Thursday blocked a law of Louisiana that his opponents would leave the state with only one doctor authorized to perform abortion, which is the latest development in the national legal battle over the fate of the abortion… Continue Reading →

Will a pill repair the "epidemic" of loneliness in the country?

Could a new pill help people with chronic loneliness? A scientist at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine is trying to develop a pill that can help people with chronic loneliness. She says that the pill will be… Continue Reading →

A young man from North Carolina, suffering from cancer, finds his dog after men and travels 2300 kilometers across the country

An 8-year-old boy from North Carolina, who is undergoing cancer treatment in Utah, has been reunited with his beloved dog thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger. (Becky Patrick Perry) An 8 year old boy from North Carolina who… Continue Reading →

The flu is rife in California and in other states, but the impact on the country is more moderate, according to the data – Fox News •

While states such as California and North Carolina have experienced a significant number of influenza-related deaths this season, US health officials said on Friday that the national impact of influenza appeared to be more moderate than that of the US…. Continue Reading →

FDA suspends food inspections in country when government closes

As the partial closure of the government approaches the third week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) announced that he had been forced to suspend routine inspections of food preparation facilities. In a series of tweets, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb… Continue Reading →

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